A “New Normal”

Be Here Now

I don’t recommend getting used to having anything stay the same for long. Especially when you are someone like me who wants to be the best version of herself. Without question being a better version of myself involves constant change. And as I have been brutally reminded these past weeks. I need to ease into change. I need time to get used to the change(s). And then reorganize my day and/or my life so that the change(s) simply become my “new normal”.

Green Heart

The truth? It’s easy to reorganize my life. Or day. When the changes don’t happen all at once. That’s when rather than lose my sanity, I prioritize. My home. Family. Grad School. Work. And no. I am not a priority to myself when everyone and everything else needs to be my priority. Deadlines. Cooking dinner. Working. There isn’t enough time in the day for anything about me. Literally. Running can even become less of a priority if I am not careful. And I know. That you know. Exactly what I am talking about.
And that is where July and almost August went. Overtaken by change and my priorities. Big changes. And an overwhelming number of priorities. All at once.

Kokanee Goodbye

My old pup took a turn for the worse.

Heart Leaf

I adjusted to working at my new job. But my days didn’t get any longer. That when my prioritizing started working overtime.

I made it through finals and completing my final projects with my Summer courses. The pressure I put on myself to make the Dean’s List for a third term? Well. It paid off.

Quilt One

I made a quilt for my niece.

Quilt Two

I made another quilt for the Mr’s daughter’s baby on the way. Which will technically make me a grandmother soon. But I refuse to let that make me feel old. Okay. Refusing is a stretch. I am trying.


Buckaroo and I found our first Geocache. Its safe to say, I am obsessed.

Heart Rock

The #100 happy challenge on Instagram I am doing really helped me look for the good in every day. Even on the horrible days. And its not to late for you to start the challenge. I would love you to join me!

Waiting for Bean

I went back and forth from the hospital for  waiting for my nephew to be born. My sister’s labor was high risk. The Mr. stayed home with old pup. My little pup wouldn’t leave her side. But its not the same. I knew I would never forgive myself if old pup passed away without me or the Mr being with her. 


Old pup passed away the same day my nephew was born. She was nearly 15 years old.  The Mr. didn’t tell me until after my nephew was born. So I left the hospital, picked up Princess and met the Mr. at the vet to have old pup cremated. Then Princess and I went back up to the hospital to see my nephew. I really don’t know how to put in words what those series of moments on that day felt like.

waiting for Olive

Less than three days later I headed to the hospital in the city and I waited for my niece to arrive.

Bean and Olive

I feel so blessed to be a part of both my amazing sister’s births. My nephew and niece are perfect.

White Heart

Today I am adjusting to having old pup gone. Starting my courses for Fall. And feeling like. This. Today. Everything that is on my plate at this moment. Is my “new normal”. And its manageable when I can make time for running more often.

Which means I can also come back to something that is about me. For me. Which is blogging. Running. And sharing my life with all of you. Seeing what all of you have been up too. With some form of consistency. In some ways I will be picking up where I left off. Stay tuned. I have some a-may-zing reviews to share with you. And so. So. Much more.

How is your Tuesday going?

What did you done today to be active?

I sure have missed all of you, thank you to those who have reached out to me!  Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

April Goals (In Progress)

April Goals

For me physically April is/has going to be all about getting stronger and increasing my mileage. So far increasing my mileage is going very well. But getting stronger needs more work. Getting to the gym more is fine, but I am a little nervous about running hills. It’s been a while and I feel pretty rusty. Yes. I have considered running “hills” on the treadmill, but honestly, the treadmill makes them feel even less appealing.

Yellow Heart

I am a little tired of feeling like I am never caught up. Or overwhelmed because I have so much to do and I don’t have time to do it all. So for me personally April is/has been about trying to take a step back and being mindful of how I spend my time. Is there anything or anyone that is taking up my time that could be used to better serve me, or rather is more meaningful? So far the answer is yes. But unfortunately I haven’t come up with a way to change it just yet.

And grad school is really weighing me down. I keep trying to find something I like about it, but I’ve got nothing. Nonetheless, back to studying I go, so I can get a decent run in later today.

Do you have any goals for April?

Do you know how to link my Pinterest to WordPress?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

Is Your Comfort Zone Outdated?

Comfort Zones

As a runner I know what it means to push myself. To not give in when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Or impossible. To keep going when I think I need to stop.
As a runner I know that I use my body the most when I feel stressed. Overwhelmed. Or sad. Yes. Those are the days when I run hard. And fast. To outrun my mind. To outrun everything that feels overwhelming. And hurts my heart.

Dried Leaf Heart

As a runner when I am running my favorite trail. In the zone. With obvious signs of spring everywhere. The smell of fresh-cut grass in the air. And 70 degree weather with a slight breeze. I feel invincible. Unstoppable. Like a boss. Hardcore. Powerful. Determined. Relentless. And superhuman. That mindset stays with me off the trail. But only for a little while. And then it’s time to go back to having an ordinary human mindset.

Pretty Heart

But sometimes an ordinary human mindset has comfort zones. Limits. And restrictions. That make me feel unsure. Doubtful. Anxious. Indecisive. And I have come up with so many good reasons to stay where I am. Yes. Because staying where I am is where things feel comfortable.
But staying where I am, will not get me to where I want to go. Or make me a better version of myself.

Earlier in the week I mentioned I would be challenged to leave my comfort zone. Physically. I knew this going because last Saturday, I tested the waters. Of my own outdated mindset. And my outdated comfort zone.

Not Sure What is Heart

I have no idea how I went back there. But I am taking about the mindset of dealing with a heart virus and not knowing if I will ever run again. And when I was able to run again, the mindset where I didn’t know if I would make it back home. So I made sure a fire department was somewhere along my route. Or at least close by. And you see. Somewhere along the way in the past months since my last injury. Without even noticing, I allowed myself to fall back into having an outdated mindset. Until this last week, I decided to run a new trail. And without even noticing I ended up nearly 6 miles away from the nearest fire department. Which doesn’t seem like much. Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere. With an outdated mindset. And an outdated comfort zone. At first I panicked. I considered calling someone to come get me. But it wasn’t that easy. Someone couldn’t just come get me. I was in the middle of nowhere. Being in the middle of nowhere meant I would have to be rescued. By the fire department. And who wants to admit that having to be rescued could even be a possibility. Certainly not me.

Green Heart

So I stopped for a series of moments and took a deep breath. Another. And another. Until I remembered I am not that person anymore. With an outdated mindset. That needs to be rescued. I am not the person with a comfort zone who doesn’t know if she will make it home. And I am certainly not the person who needs a f-ing fire department along the route when she goes for a run. So I wiped away my tears, blew my nose on my shirt and headed towards home. And I left my outdated mindset and comfort zone behind. Where is belongs.

Tiny Heart

You see, I am an ordinary human. Yes. But I don’t have to have an ordinary mindset. Yes. I had an injury last year. That left me afraid I wouldn’t make a comeback. Without even realizing it I took a step back. instead of forward. But my injury is healed. I can not be afraid. Because my injury left me stronger. I know better. I can dream big. I can think positive. Be hopeful. And not doubt what I am capable of. But I have to be mindful of what I am thinking. I have to be mindful of when I feel comfortable with running. Or comfortable with anything else in my life. Because if I am feeling comfortable, I am holding myself back. I am not giving enough. I am not pushing the limits. And I am certainly not allowing my running to get me to where I need to go. To be a better version of myself. And to get to everything I see in my dreams.

Stay tuned, this runner isn’t done with leaving comfort zones for this week. April’s goals. Sharing hearts. Or thoughts.

Have you ever had an outdated comfort zone?

What’s for dinner? We are having tacos, which is everyone’s favorite meal!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!