Its Time to Be a Mindfully Safe Runner

Run Away

I will be the first to admit I don’t take runner safety seriously. I prefer to run alone. And I prefer to run in the middle of nowhere. Sure I think about safety sometimes. I have had a few scary moments. Or even series of moments. But even so, pepper spray doesn’t always make it out the door with me. And if I hurt myself, chances are I would wait a long while for help. I know. I know. Nowadays that’s probably risky. I guess I am just not ready to let the mean F-ers out there win and steal away my version of a piece of heaven here on earth. But this past week I almost let those mean F-ers out there win.

A woman was attacked on my creek trail. She is a friend of a friend. She is okay. A police report was filed. But now what. It didn’t feel safe to go alone. And remember? I heard about it from a friend. I didn’t read it in the local paper. Or see it on the news. Which means, there is someone who runs. Walks. Or bikes that trail who hasn’t heard about it at all. Which also means the F-er who has yet to be apprehended, might still be out there stalking his prey. Aka. Women runners and walkers. Aka. Me.

Running Safely

My coworker also lives in the area and when I told her about it she took charge of hanging signs on the East side. And I took charge of hanging signs on the West side. So far Buckaroo and I have made two trips on the West side and will make another trip later today. I just don’t think I can hang enough signs.

But even with all the yuckiness. I am not letting that F-er. Or any F-er for that matter spoil my little piece of heaven. Yes. I will carry pepper spray. Yes. I will be more mindful. Yes I will try and run during busier times on the trail. And yes I will be sure to let someone know exactly where I am going to run and when. Because nowadays this is what women need to do. Nowadays this is what I need to do. That’s reality. But I don’t have to like it one bit. Because it isn’t fair. And it makes me want to pack up everything and move to some remote island. But even there I am sure there is something I would need to look out for. Like Bushmen or something.

So I guess my point is. I will be mindful of persons or things that could hurt me. But I will not focus on them. Focusing on anything related to negativity takes something incredibly special and sacred away from me. But yes. I will be more mindful about being safe.

Tiny Roses Big Heart

In other news, training for my half isn’t going that well. But I am making progress. And no. Not the kind of progress that feels like real progress. Just the one foot in front of the other kind of progress. I started the #100happydays photo challenge. I am working on my final project/papers for my classes. My chicken Britney crows, but everyone says she is a hen. I am obsessed with vanilla creamer in my coffee. And there are still review posts to be written. A bit about being busy. And they probably won’t be in that order.

Be honest. Are you a safe runner or walker?

What’s for dinner? We are having BBQ chicken, potato and green salad, homemade mac and cheese and garlic bread. And if I could drink a coffee with vanilla creamer with it I would.

Have you ever ran a race you didn’t train for? How did you do?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

The Magic Pill

Run Away!

I have said it before. And I will keep saying it until everyone jumps on my bandwagon. Because I truly believe our mindset decides when we give up. I truly believe our mindset decides when we will push harder. I truly believe that there isn’t a single diet in the world that is going to work. Or a single change that can be made. Unless we change our mindset.
That’s part of the truth.

Broken Heart

Don’t you see? The quick fix. The life changing decision. The difference between “here” and “there”. The staying strong when you feel weak. Motivating. Goal-crushing-finish-line-crossing-not-giving-into-self-doubt-secret. Magic pill. Is your mindset. Believing in yourself. Loving yourself more than what it is you are trying to change. And knowing what it is you want to change is worth more than staying the same.
The other part of the truth?

Heart Shadow

It won’t be easy. No. It will be hard. Really f-ing hard. And sometimes there will be days when you feel f-ing miserable. I know this because I have been there. I know this because I had to change my mindset to get to where I am today. To understand those f-ing miserable days will pass. And I had to realize the only person stopping me from having everything I see in my dreams was myself. And it will always be myself.

Rose Petal Heart

So today I asking you. No. Wait. I am telling you. And I am telling myself. Because you need to hear it. And I need to hear it. Again. And again. Change your mindset. Stop believing that you are not worthy of whatever it is you see in your dreams. Stop thinking that a number on a scale is what will make you happy. Or a number will make you worthy of love. Be happy now. Believe in yourself. Believe you are worthy of love. Never give up on yourself. Or the things you see in your dreams. The only thing stopping you from becoming a better version of yourself is you. No matter how impossible it feels. You can do whatever you decide you want to do. And I promise you. It will be worth it.

What did you do today to be active?

Am I the only one feeling like a-not-so-nice Monday high jacked Tuesday?

What’s for dinner? We are having enchiladas, one of Buckaroo’s favorites.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

Motivational Monday

Fall in Love

Most of us would rather avoid hills. Running up hill even sounds difficult. Making it to the top feels impossible. And being sore tomorrow is certainly guaranteed. But I am here to tell you, life happens on the hills. I know this because running my favorite mountain trail, changed my life. Running my favorite mountain trail gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I am stronger than I ever imagined. And my favorite mountain trail showed me I am capable of far more than I sometimes believe. About myself. The photo above is my Princess and I. Forming a heart with each of our hands. At the top of “cardiac hill”. And it was named “cardiac hill” for good reason.

Don’t you see? If you don’t allow the hills to challenge you. You will never know the overwhelmingly awesome feeling of reaching the top. Breathing in a series of victorious moments. And then running back down. Trust me when I say this. Hills are there to teach us something. About ourselves. To make us stronger. To make us better runners. So fall in love with running the hills. Or love to hate running the hills. You decide. But either way. Run them. It will be worth it. I promise.

One of my April goals involves hill training. So far I have been avoiding them. And I have good reason. I mean increasing my mileage and running hills in the same month was setting myself up to fail. Or so I would like to think. But wait. I know better. And one of my favorite people here on WordPress, Tom, inspired me. And reminded me. I need a taste of the victory that comes with running hills. But that involves running my favorite mountain trail this week. For the first time since my injury. Am I a little apprehensive? Yes. Am I going to do it anyways? Absolutely. Because I want to be stronger more, than I want to stay the same.

Now its time for me to study. I am facing a busy week, but stay tuned for connecting hearts around the world, a couple of reviews, a giveaway and hopefully a bit about running hills.

Is Monday being nice to you?

Do you know how to link my Pinterest account to WordPress? I’ve seen buttons on other sites, but I haven’t figured out how to add them. A little help please? Anyone?

What did you do today to be active?

Until next time, always be true to your heart and think like a boss!