The Runner Behind The Words


Mother of a Princess and a Buckaroo.Graduate Student. Inspired Dreamer + Do’er. Compassionately Positive. Runner. Gym Go’er. Hiker. Finder of Hearts. Finder of Hearts in Nature. Lover of Cooking + Healthy Eating. A smartassic woman running to her dreams, who follows her heart and occasionally drops the f-bomb.This is just my life. My Past. My In-Between. My thoughts on my love of running and training. And My Now. Amazing. Painful. Fun. Ass backwards and upside down at times-but totally worth it. Are you ready?! Lace up your shoes and let’s run the marathon I call life together. And above all, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


All the photos I post are mine and I reserve copyright in them. Any photos that I post that are not my own I will acknowledge the source. Thank you in advance.


Contact info runningtoherdreams@gmail (dot) com

58 thoughts on “The Runner Behind The Words

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  2. You have a great blog! Love the content, honesty, and images that go along with your articles. Have you heard of Smashon? It’s a Health and Wellness company that gives you a platform to connect with others runners in your community! I think you would be a perfect fit!


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