Its Time to Be a Mindfully Safe Runner

Run Away

I will be the first to admit I don’t take runner safety seriously. I prefer to run alone. And I prefer to run in the middle of nowhere. Sure I think about safety sometimes. I have had a few scary moments. Or even series of moments. But even so, pepper spray doesn’t always make it out the door with me. And if I hurt myself, chances are I would wait a long while for help. I know. I know. Nowadays that’s probably risky. I guess I am just not ready to let the mean F-ers out there win and steal away my version of a piece of heaven here on earth. But this past week I almost let those mean F-ers out there win.

A woman was attacked on my creek trail. She is a friend of a friend. She is okay. A police report was filed. But now what. It didn’t feel safe to go alone. And remember? I heard about it from a friend. I didn’t read it in the local paper. Or see it on the news. Which means, there is someone who runs. Walks. Or bikes that trail who hasn’t heard about it at all. Which also means the F-er who has yet to be apprehended, might still be out there stalking his prey. Aka. Women runners and walkers. Aka. Me.

Running Safely

My coworker also lives in the area and when I told her about it she took charge of hanging signs on the East side. And I took charge of hanging signs on the West side. So far Buckaroo and I have made two trips on the West side and will make another trip later today. I just don’t think I can hang enough signs.

But even with all the yuckiness. I am not letting that F-er. Or any F-er for that matter spoil my little piece of heaven. Yes. I will carry pepper spray. Yes. I will be more mindful. Yes I will try and run during busier times on the trail. And yes I will be sure to let someone know exactly where I am going to run and when. Because nowadays this is what women need to do. Nowadays this is what I need to do. That’s reality. But I don’t have to like it one bit. Because it isn’t fair. And it makes me want to pack up everything and move to some remote island. But even there I am sure there is something I would need to look out for. Like Bushmen or something.

So I guess my point is. I will be mindful of persons or things that could hurt me. But I will not focus on them. Focusing on anything related to negativity takes something incredibly special and sacred away from me. But yes. I will be more mindful about being safe.

Tiny Roses Big Heart

In other news, training for my half isn’t going that well. But I am making progress. And no. Not the kind of progress that feels like real progress. Just the one foot in front of the other kind of progress. I started the #100happydays photo challenge. I am working on my final project/papers for my classes. My chicken Britney crows, but everyone says she is a hen. I am obsessed with vanilla creamer in my coffee. And there are still review posts to be written. A bit about being busy. And they probably won’t be in that order.

Be honest. Are you a safe runner or walker?

What’s for dinner? We are having BBQ chicken, potato and green salad, homemade mac and cheese and garlic bread. And if I could drink a coffee with vanilla creamer with it I would.

Have you ever ran a race you didn’t train for? How did you do?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


27 thoughts on “Its Time to Be a Mindfully Safe Runner

  1. Which half are you going to run?

    I need to say this … it’s not just about women in danger. My wife learned about an app or some website that provides updates about things going on in our neighborhood. So, she’s reading it to me a few nights ago and it’s all about the house break-ins and assaults and vandalism going on. Which really doesn’t help me want to go out for a run by myself through the ol’ neighborhood. Yeah, there’s a difference between the kind of assault a woman has to fear versus what I have to fear, but the f*-ers can pretty much f*** with anybody if they want to.

    And, then there’s this. A few years ago, I went for a bike ride. As I rode back into our neighborhood, I rode by a house that’s about 1/4 mile from home. The occupants were in the process of moving out. Their dog was in the front yard. Not on a leash. It took after me. It was a Rottweiler type of dog. What saved me was that I was on my bike and I can pedal faster than a dog can run. If I had been running that day, I don’t want to think about what might have happened.

    It’s a shame that our community’s have become such that we can’t feel safe in them.


  2. I never wear headphones and am always aware of what’s going on, but I have to admit the pepper spray usually remains in the glove box.
    I hate hearing about these things, but I know they happen. Grrrrr..

    Love your last little paragraph of randomness 🙂


    • Yeah I ended up going and getting a little better/way smaller thing of pepper spray. I guess it’s just how it has to be nowadays, still bothers me though. And thank you, that was a serious bit of randomness 😉


  3. Ugh, hate reading this because it makes me realize i’m not the safest runner either! And it really bugs me that I know that I can’t run some of my favorite routes past a certain time/after dusk because people are creeps. I have had a few close calls and uncomfortable situations, so it might be time to start carrying some


    • It really bothers me too. I got a small compact thing of pepper spray yesterday, its way easier to bring then my other one, I just haven’t found a place to put it that is comfortable but easily accessible. But I do love running alone and I am not ready to give up that because of the creeps! Be careful and safe out there! ❤


  4. I worry more than I used to about running certain trails alone. It’s true – you like to think you’re safe, or invincible, but there are horrible people out there. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, pepper spray isn’t allowed in our state, but still I could carry a small can of Lysol, which would pretty much do the same thing. Thanks for the good post.


    • I agree there is a since of invincibility especially having trained in law enforcement, but in reality I just can’t take anymore chances anymore. Lysol is a great idea, you could put in a small spray bottle, maybe even add some cayenne pepper to it! 🙂


  5. I myself is guilty of the same thing! I run in the woods ALL the time by myself and the pepper spray does not always come with or even my dog. Sometimes I just wanna get out there and get it done with! I appreciate your post because it does remind me to be more mindful of this issue but to not let it scare us from getting out there! I never run with head phones on so I guess that is a good thing, 🙂


  6. Yes, please do be more mindful about your safety when you go out alone. BUT also keep in mind that you have the right to feel and be safe even if you forget your pepper spray. NO ONE has the right to assault another person, even if the opportunity “presents” itself.

    The friend of your friend may be okay physically, but an assault is physical as well as psychological. I was almost assaulted in an elevator once (thank goodness, the security guard was quick on his feet). Almost 30 years ago. The fear still lingers.

    Thank you for the random thoughts at the end of your post. You made me hungry and took my mind off the bad news 😉


    • Thank you so much hun, I have been very mindful and actually had to hang more signs as someone took some of mine down, which felt and is weird/creepy. Meanwhile I just keep spreading the word to other walkers/runners I see or catch at the right time on the trail.
      I completely agree, there is definitely a healing process involved after an assault of any kind!

      I have been thinking about you on and off in the past week or so with your fairly recent loss of a furry family member. Old pup hasn’t been doing well at all, no stroke, just a series of bad days for about a week. She did have one okay day. So we are keeping her comfortable and helping her outside to go potty. She will only eat or drink out of people food bowls, that goes for only eating people food too, so I have been making her rice and cooking various extra meats and veggies. Such an emotional roller coaster it’s exhausting and I worry something will happen when I am at work and Buckaroo is home.

      Working on my final papers and my Summer courses will be over and life can go back to a little less busyness, I can’t wait! 🙂


      • Thank you for letting me know about your pup. She really is taking you for a long haul 😉 Luisa was like that too. Towards the very end, she had a day where she didn’t move hardly at all, then I came home and found her up and at one of the water bowls, looking at me like her usual self. The next day she was back to not moving. We had actually planned to take her to the vet to put her down, but she died before we could. In hindsight we realize that we just didn’t want to let go, but I don’t think she did either ;(
        That is creepy that someone is taking down the signs. All you can do is persist and stay aware.
        Good luck on your final papers. You deserve a break! *Hugs*


      • Oh, I am so sorry. I know it hurts like hell, and I won’t say “time heals all.” It only takes one remembrance for me to get choked up about any of our furry angels. But I will say your old pup had a good long life with the best two-legged furless mom one could hope for. And I’m sending you a bounty of virtual hugs …


      • Thank you so much hun, today has been the most difficult so far. In the midst of it all my sis had her baby the same day she passed so (induced 2 weeks early, last Wed. evening, had him Friday evening) so I was back and forth from the hospital and caring for old pup. Today is really the first day I have been able to take everything in I think! The house and yard feel so empty without her. 😦 So I’ve made it a stay in PJs take care of me and rest day. Huge hugs back you ❤


      • Wow, you really have gone through the emotional wringer. You’re so right that it’s when we stop and have the time that it really hits us. When Luisa died, the first I did was start to clean house. I just had to keep busy, keep myself moving. But eventually I had to face her absence, the emptiness of my bed where she had slept with me. Do take care of yourself, stay in your PJs, and rest. *Hugs!*


      • Yeah its crazy to feel so happy and devastated at the same time, hard to put into words. I am grateful I rested, my other sis went into labor and I drove to the city to be with here while my niece was born. Today I cleared my schedule and declaring it another rest day. Huge hugs to you and thank you for all your love and support! ❤


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