Every Runner Has a Reason

It’s not very often that I am speechless. Tears streaming down my face. With my heart hurting. But also overflowing with pure gratitude for being a runner. Being able to run. Experiencing everything running has given to me. Remembering everything running has taught me about myself. And being able to see and hear what running can and has given to someone else.

So stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. A tissue on hand is a must. And watch this apso-fing-lutley pure awesomeness. Amazingly. Powerful. Inspiring. And so. So much more. Short video.

I want to meet Ronnie. And I want to hug him because even though we are so different. We live in two different worlds less than 100 miles apart. We are runners. We are one in the same. You see, every runner has a reason. And for that I am grateful.

You can learn more about Ronnie at the donation page for the San Francisco marathon website called “Run with Ronnie” which supports Hospitality House where Ronnie has been able to use their art program studio space. http://www.thesfmarathon.com/runwithronnie/ #runwithronnie

What is your reason to run?
Any fun plans for the weekend?
Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



14 thoughts on “Every Runner Has a Reason

  1. 100 mile Helluva Ride tomorrow, can’t wait. Hey, sorry it took so long but I finally got to acknowledging you for the inspirational blogger award. Know that it meant a lot to me, I’ve just had a BUNCH going on lately. Thank you.


  2. That is a great video! I sometimes wish I could lose myself in my run like Ronnie does. Still I can identify with him in so many ways (other then the homelessness). It is amazing how running can make us have things in common with so many people!


    • Right?! It’s been a while since I’ve been completely lost in a run, but I can relate to Ronnie in so many ways! And I agree, there is something so special about the connection and unspoken connection running gives us! ❤


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