Motivational Monday

Starting Over

Running has not been going well. Or rather, running hasn’t happened in almost two weeks. I don’t really have an excuse. A few all-nighters and a lot of 18 hour days have been going on around here. I have been adjusting to the new job I absolutely love. The big event I hosted is over. Both Princess and Buckaroo are doing well. And somehow I am still maintaining a 4.0 in both of my classes. Yes. All of that going on at the same time will get in the way of running. If I allow it too. Which somehow I did. You see. It was my choice to come home from work and get into my PJ’s rather than my running clothes. It was also my choice to say F someone’s impossible expectations I am taking an hour to myself. And actually taking that hour to myself. But most importantly it was my choice to not make the time for something that is very important to me. Yes. I see a pattern too. And a bad habit that continues to get in the way of not just my running, but my “me time”. Weekends away. And a vacation. Yes. I will continue to work on it.

So I have a little over six weeks until my race and I am starting my half-marathon training again. I know. It would be easier to just say f-it, but I could never forgive myself. So I will get out there when it cools down this evening. Put one foot in front of the other. And make it happen. I am not worried about my pace or finishing time. I just want to finish strong. And I think I can get my body and mind ready enough to do just that in six weeks. So yes. I am starting my half marathon training over. Or at least it feels that way. But the truth is, I am not starting over. I am picking up where I left off. It’s the f-ing first step that feels the same as starting over. But I know me. Giving up is not an option.

Stay tuned for a review. Job goings on. My June reflection(s) and July goals. Not necessary in that order. And of course, I sure look forward to seeing what you all have been up too

What have you done today to be active?

What’s for dinner? The boys are having pulled pork sandwiches (crock pot) and I am having a green salad with all the fixings.

How are you doing?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


19 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Oh girl….you’ve got a lot going on. Sometimes we push ourselves to the brink and then we re-evaluate what’s important. I think you’re being proactive and thinking about it before you crash….great job! I have all the confidence in the world that you can mentally and physically do. I know it’s tough to start over (even though you are not)…you are just picking up before your little break…no biggie…your legs have not forgot how to run! Go get ’em girl!!!!


  2. Let’s see–I went running despite the thunderstorm warnings (Weather Underground had given an estimated 1 hour or so until the t-storms would be in the area, but the rain came before then! LOL);

    We had chicken and rice for dinner;

    I’m doing okay. Because of the new health care situation in the United States, I now have terrible health insurance ($3,000 deductible) and have had to cut out all but essential medicines (this includes antidepressants, unfortunately). Therefore I have made it an even higher priority to run every day if possible, even though I didn’t do so well the past couple of weeks. But hey! Tomorrow is another day!


  3. You have the right attitude: pick up where you left off, not start over. But I suspect that the time you took for yourself (sans running) was crucial for mental health. You are carrying an incredible load. Your expectations for yourself are high, so maybe you just needed some down time. But now you’ve had a rest, and you’re going to hit the road 🙂
    For me, I’m slowing down on the blogging routine. I’ve just gotten overwhelmed, and I don’t have half the schedule you do 🙂 But you could still say I’m thinking like a boss since I’ve given myself permission to do that! And yoga is still my go-to activity. I’m trying to practice at least 3x a week now, up from 2x, and walking in-between.
    I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten over some major hurdles. *Hugs*


    • Thank you so much hun, things seems to be easing up and I am getting used to my “new normal” of managing everything.

      I am with you on slowing down with blogging, I don’t want to just post to post, rather I want to share something meaningful. 🙂

      Yoga is an awesome go to, my favorite teacher on teaches in the morning so I haven’t been able to go because I am at work, I miss it!

      *hugs* to you! ❤


  4. It is great to see your post. I’m sorry about the running, but it is good to look forward with a goal. I really don’t have a goal right now, except to get out and run each day in the hot, humid summer weather. Getting out there is enough for me at the moment. And WOW about the 4.0 average with all you are doing. That is very impressive! 🙂


    • I agree its awesome to have a goal, but at the same time having a goal puts a little pressure on things. Great to hear you are feeling good and still running in that crazy heat! 🙂

      And thank you, I have tried to let go of not having to have a 4.0, but in the end, it really matters to me and I put the time and work it 🙂


    • Yeah this week has been better things are starting to become more routine, now to get decent workouts in the mix! Unfortunately I can’t do the mornings I’m up @ 430 to leave by 6 😕 I did scope out a place yesterday I could do run at lunch, I’m going to try that, otherwise just a matter of getting my booty out there in the evenings! 😊


  5. Six weeks is plenty of time to get ready for a half marathon. Maybe you’ll need to adjust your performance expectations to suit where you are in your chock-full-o-life, but you’ll probably look back on this time and feel proud of all your accomplishments.


    • That is so true! I feel like I should be fine and so far not putting any high expectations on things, hopefully I can keep it up. I love my job and found out I made the deans list, which are both awesome accomplishments! Now to just get my workouts in the routine and I’ll be all good! 😊


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