Mid June Goings On

Big Heart Over My Path!

I don’t know where June is going. But she seems to be an awful hurry. Okay. So it feels like the days are just flying by. But in reality a couple things I had in the works are coming together. And becoming a reality. Fall training has begun. DIY projects in my yard and home are done. And some DIY projects are still being worked on. And baby showers are being planned.

Heart Leaf

That job I interviewed for a while back? I start work this Wednesday. I am not nervous about doing my job well. I am nervous about trying to manage everything. All at once.

Heart Shadow

Grad school “decision makers” decided having extra classes going on in the summer was a good idea. I have no doubt the extra curse words. A few tears. And overwhelm will continue. But the good news is, I am at my halfway point this week. Only four more weeks of extra-ness overwhelm. Trust me its a thing. 

Heart Leaf

Two weeks in a row I made a goal to do something to nurture myself. Run away. Or do something just for me. And I failed miserably. So tomorrow I made a date with myself to sit by the pool. My thinking is F-you guilt that I am already and going to feel.Easier said then done. I hope guilt doesn’t win. 

Heart on a Leaf

Part of May and so far in June there has been some very petty negativity going on that I haven’t been able to completely get away from. Everyone learns differently about what is really important. I get that. What that said. Its one of those lose. Lose situations. I have taken as many steps back as I possibly can. But I am still at my wits end with it all.

Heart on a Leaf

I am off to the grocery store(s). I don’t know how I will manage adjusting to work, but I am extra grateful I am organized. I planned meals for the week and will be doing a little prep tomorrow evening.

Stay tuned for a review. A giveaway. A winner. An Award. And more. Not necessary in that order.

How is your Monday going?

What did you do today to be active?

Did you notice the heart above my running path in the first photo?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “Mid June Goings On

  1. I had to go back and look at the top shot…how cool is that?

    You are going to rock the new job…remember….it’s just as important to take time for yourself….get rid of that guilt!!!


    • I know right?! I saw it after I got back, so neat 😊

      And thank you! I’m super excited! As far as the guilt stuff with taking time for myself, it’s such a challenge I’ve been trying to overcome for a while! One day I’ll master the balance 😊


  2. Good luck with your new job this week! Food prep is always a great idea. The weeks I’m lazy and don’t food prep I regret it all week. You’re already off to a terrific start!


  3. Have you ever had one of those lose/lose feelings that you don’t know where it is coming from? Speaking of negativity, I hope you get past your situation soon. Mine is mostly in my head, which makes it so much harder to get away from. Oh well, at least we can still run!


    • Yes! Although this morning I do know where it’s coming from and my nerves/emotions are all over the place about work. All in my head too! I do know I will do great and manage it all, but knowing it and feeling it isn’t happening all the much thus far today! Thank heavens for running, I’m going this afternoon.
      I hope things ease up for you soon! ❤️


      • Oh my. I hope you do better soon too. I know the stress starting a new job, though you seem to be doing well at handling it. Enjoy the runs and be careful with all that is going on. I hope all keeps well. 🙂


  4. Ever since I found your blog, I have been looking for hearts everywhere I go. It makes the ugliest days pretty and always puts a smile on my face when I find one! Monday’s workout for me was Body Pump and a long walk. I am still trying to recover from a crazy workout last week!


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