Motivational Monday

Run Away

Jobs. Going to school. Children. Marriage. Friendships. Siblings. Training schedules. Crossing finish lines. Family time. Quality time. Quiet time. Personal time. Aside from all the yucky-ness of an illness or when something in our lives isn’t going smoothly. Did I miss something?! Point being we are all busy doing something related to one of the above at any given moment. Or series of moments in a day. Or maybe most of those things all day long.  We all need a change of pace. A different perspective so all the busy-ness feels worth it. And we don’t run ourselves down trying to hold everything together. All at once. So run away somewhere. Do something for you. And only you. To nurture your body and mind. Even if it’s only for a little while.

And yes. I need to take my own advice. But as with most things I say to you here. I am saying those things to myself too. So. Running away. That is my goal this week. It was also my goal last week, but for a number of reason’s it didn’t happen. And that is just not okay. It’s Monday and I am already feeling the pressure of what I have to do this week. So even if it’s an evening trip to the ocean. Or a few hours sitting by the pool. Or a weekend away. Somehow. Some way. Running away is going to happen for me this week. And I hope it can happen for you too.

Stay tuned for June goals in progress, an award, a review, the winner of my Spartan giveaway and more, not necessary in that order.

When is the last time you truly did something for you. And only you? Me? Aside from taking the long way home from a run, it was going to watch the sunset at the ocean a few weeks ago. And I have been craving that simplicity since.

Any ideas for meal prepping for the week? I have come up with a few things, but otherwise I am at a loss, which is rare since I am usually so good about organizing and planning things!

How was your weekend?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


21 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Meal prepping Bgddy style: grilled chicken nachos.

    A container of Garden Fresh Jack’s Special (medium-hot).
    Block of Colby-Jack cheese
    Q’doba 3-cheese queso (purchase the catering bag and split up into smaller sandwich bag portions and freeze for later)
    Season boneless chicken (sliced into 1-1/2″ strips, the long way) with Kickin’ Chicken and McCormick’s Smokehouse Maple and grill ’em up (3-5 minutes a side at 400 degrees)
    Garnish with whatever else you like on your nachos and eat up.

    It’s quick, easy and awesome!


  2. Make your own street tacos. Easy to do if you have a Mexican grocery store near by — they usually sell some pre-marinated beef (or chicken). Grill it, chop it up. Warm some corn tortillas. Add some onion and cilantro and your favorite salsa and you’ve got it done.

    It’s been awhile that I’ve done anything truly for myself. Something real and meaningful. Time to get that taken care of.


  3. Whenever I need that time away and I just can’t squeeze it in, I “make plans with a girlfriend.” Sorry, I can’t do dinner tonight, I have plans with a girlfriend. Sorry, I haven’t seen my girlfriend in awhile, so we’re getting together tonight. Rain check? Maybe it’s odd to call “me” a “girlfriend,” but I am someone, right? I’m making plans with myself. I wouldn’t break plans with a girlfriend, unless something emergent came up. Why do any different with me? 🙂


  4. Well said! So important to take “me” time and not let life get in the way. I am bad at this because I let work get in the way. My goal this summer is to take a random day off, have a “stay-cation”, and be a tourist in my own city.


  5. This past weekend I went on a nice bike ride by myself. I stopped and enjoyed the view by the lake before finishing my trek home. I think that was for myself. I do feel guilty about it though…and all of the things I should be doind around the house.

    I suck at meal prep so I can’t help you there. 😦


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