Spartan GiveAway!

If you are a runner, you have certainly noticed all kinds of obstacles races offering foam. Mud. Color. If you haven’t heard of obstacle racing check your states racing calendar for the year, most likely there is a race related to mud and obstacles. I have done quite a few obstacle races. And I can tell you there is something exhilarating and downright fun about challenging your body, pushing your limits and finishing the race. Filthy muddy.
So when I was contacted by Spartan inviting me to get initiated into the club? You betcha I was in.
Why? The Spartan Race is the boss of obstacle racing. The Spartan Race is on my list of races to do. It freaks me the f-out. At the same time, it brings out my competiveness. And I say bring it on Spartan. Bring it on.

Spartan 1

Yes. That’s an obstacle that involves fire that girl sweating awesomeness doing.GO her right?!  So I need to find the courage to run the race. That freaks me the f-out?! Let’s just say The Spartan Race will be an interesting experience. To say the least.

Also I am thinking of checking out these recently released sweet kicks especially designed for Spartans! These Reebok All-Terrain shoes are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and are made to allow water to drain from them. And trust me when I say this. The shoes you wear during an obstacle race make a difference. These ones look like they are up for the challenge.  I am picturing running the Spartan Race. Sweating awesomeness. Wearing these pretties already!

Spartan 2

So…….who is up for the Spartan challenge?

Because one lucky person can win a free entry into a 2014 Spartan Race of their choice! And if you don’t win?  I also have a sweet deal for 15% off on your entry!
To enter, follow the link below to There are several ways to earn entries so get to it!! Contest ends at midnight 5/30/14. The free entry is good for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any 2014 Spartan Race in the continental US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to register for a Spartan Race, take advantage of 15% off savings! Get the discount code by clicking HERE. Good luck!
And I just want to say thank you to the awesome team at Spartan Race for inviting me join the World’s Best Obstacle Race Series, allowing me to give away a free entry to a reader, and offering the 15% discount.

Stay tuned for Friday favorites…..two weeks worth.

Have you ever run a Spartan Race?

Would you run a Spartan Race?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


6 thoughts on “Spartan GiveAway!

  1. Man, it seems like everyone is signing up for these obstacle races. I’m still not entirely certain I like the idea. I’m mostly worried about injuries that will prevent me from running.


    • Yeah injuries are something to consider, but I’ve learned upper body strength helps, good shoes and taking my time with the obstacles, I’m not looking for any PRs with obstacle racing for sure! 😊


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