The Magic Pill

Run Away!

I have said it before. And I will keep saying it until everyone jumps on my bandwagon. Because I truly believe our mindset decides when we give up. I truly believe our mindset decides when we will push harder. I truly believe that there isn’t a single diet in the world that is going to work. Or a single change that can be made. Unless we change our mindset.
That’s part of the truth.

Broken Heart

Don’t you see? The quick fix. The life changing decision. The difference between “here” and “there”. The staying strong when you feel weak. Motivating. Goal-crushing-finish-line-crossing-not-giving-into-self-doubt-secret. Magic pill. Is your mindset. Believing in yourself. Loving yourself more than what it is you are trying to change. And knowing what it is you want to change is worth more than staying the same.
The other part of the truth?

Heart Shadow

It won’t be easy. No. It will be hard. Really f-ing hard. And sometimes there will be days when you feel f-ing miserable. I know this because I have been there. I know this because I had to change my mindset to get to where I am today. To understand those f-ing miserable days will pass. And I had to realize the only person stopping me from having everything I see in my dreams was myself. And it will always be myself.

Rose Petal Heart

So today I asking you. No. Wait. I am telling you. And I am telling myself. Because you need to hear it. And I need to hear it. Again. And again. Change your mindset. Stop believing that you are not worthy of whatever it is you see in your dreams. Stop thinking that a number on a scale is what will make you happy. Or a number will make you worthy of love. Be happy now. Believe in yourself. Believe you are worthy of love. Never give up on yourself. Or the things you see in your dreams. The only thing stopping you from becoming a better version of yourself is you. No matter how impossible it feels. You can do whatever you decide you want to do. And I promise you. It will be worth it.

What did you do today to be active?

Am I the only one feeling like a-not-so-nice Monday high jacked Tuesday?

What’s for dinner? We are having enchiladas, one of Buckaroo’s favorites.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


19 thoughts on “The Magic Pill

    • Thank you! Its so amazing how our mind can have so much impact on our outlook on things. I read an article the other day about exercise/training and how we need train our minds not just our bodies. And I completely agree! 🙂


  1. So very true, but unfortunately people dont see this very well. Even people with the most positive mindset battle with theirselves. However, we must all rise above our internal hurdles and push ourselves further. Great post!:)


  2. Mindset is the most important thing when you are trying to change. If you have the right mindset you can overcome anything. There will be days when you are going to be miserable, but those days are only there to test how much you want to change, and how awesome you are:)


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