Nakd Natural Balance Protein Bars Review

I have always been thin. Which has its perks yes. But I am also a runner. With the metabolism of youngster. And for the most part a vegetarian. So that means in order for me to be able to build muscle. And keep a little bit of fat on my body, I need to make sure I am taking in enough calories to compensate for the calories I burn throughout the day. And enough protein. Good thing I love to eat right?! But growing up it was difficult to find a variety of healthy food choices. Let alone healthy snacks. But nowadays? It’s difficult to not find a healthy snack option for just about anything you can think of. But for me healthy snack options need to taste as good too.

So when I was recently contacted by Nakd asking me try their Natural Balance protein bars? You bet I was up for the challenge.
When I agreed to review the bars, I was asked to look at their website and choose a box of whatever kind I would like to sample. Yes. For a second I did panic. A whole box? What if I don’t like them?! But I was in for a surprise. They have boxes of bars that have a variety flavors.


The box I received included the following flavors:
-Coca Crunch
-Apple Crunch
-Strawberry Crunch
-Banana Crunch

This is what Nakd has to say about these little pieces of heaven.
“Our Nākd Crunch bars are nutritious, fruity, delicious and have a seriously satisfying crunch to boot! Packed with natural ingredients and tasty goodness, these bars are dairy, wheat and gluten free. Completely vegan friendly, they are crammed with soya crunchies for extra protein and keep you feeling good and fuller for longer.”
And what do I have to say about them? They rock a post run snack like a boss. My favorite kind was the Coca Crunch. And Buckaroo’s favorite was the Strawberry Crunch. But the Apple and Banana one’s are pretty darn good too!
Sooo…. If you are looking for a healthy. Nutritious. Dairy free. Wheat and Gluten Free. Vegan friendly. Little piece of heaven snack? Head over to Nakd and check them out! Nakd also offers a wide range of other healthy bars, which I look forward to trying.

And finally a note about product reviews. When I choose to do a product review, my opinions are my own. Nor was I paid for my opinion. However, I always. Always will give you my honest opinion about the product.

Now, it’s back to catching up on assignments. Have I mentioned I don’t like grad school anymore? Nope. Not one bit. So stay tuned for my favorite moments of the week, connecting hearts and a little something about Spartan.

What is your favorite snack?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Any chance you want to finish all the assignments I have due? Just kidding!

Until Next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



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