Motivational Monday

Fall in Love

Most of us would rather avoid hills. Running up hill even sounds difficult. Making it to the top feels impossible. And being sore tomorrow is certainly guaranteed. But I am here to tell you, life happens on the hills. I know this because running my favorite mountain trail, changed my life. Running my favorite mountain trail gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I am stronger than I ever imagined. And my favorite mountain trail showed me I am capable of far more than I sometimes believe. About myself. The photo above is my Princess and I. Forming a heart with each of our hands. At the top of “cardiac hill”. And it was named “cardiac hill” for good reason.

Don’t you see? If you don’t allow the hills to challenge you. You will never know the overwhelmingly awesome feeling of reaching the top. Breathing in a series of victorious moments. And then running back down. Trust me when I say this. Hills are there to teach us something. About ourselves. To make us stronger. To make us better runners. So fall in love with running the hills. Or love to hate running the hills. You decide. But either way. Run them. It will be worth it. I promise.

One of my April goals involves hill training. So far I have been avoiding them. And I have good reason. I mean increasing my mileage and running hills in the same month was setting myself up to fail. Or so I would like to think. But wait. I know better. And one of my favorite people here on WordPress, Tom, inspired me. And reminded me. I need a taste of the victory that comes with running hills. But that involves running my favorite mountain trail this week. For the first time since my injury. Am I a little apprehensive? Yes. Am I going to do it anyways? Absolutely. Because I want to be stronger more, than I want to stay the same.

Now its time for me to study. I am facing a busy week, but stay tuned for connecting hearts around the world, a couple of reviews, a giveaway and hopefully a bit about running hills.

Is Monday being nice to you?

Do you know how to link my Pinterest account to WordPress? I’ve seen buttons on other sites, but I haven’t figured out how to add them. A little help please? Anyone?

What did you do today to be active?

Until next time, always be true to your heart and think like a boss!



23 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. I feel the same way about hills! It’s hard to embrace them in the moment, but I believe they are so important to becoming a better, stronger runner. I love how applicable this thought process is in life outside running as well 🙂
    7 miles this morning, it was a great way to start my week!


  2. This could have been my post (except mentioning me) :). So true! Hill are difficult, but so is running. The sense of accomplishment is amazing and worth it. Great post. I hope you run that hill “like a boss”. Mountains are fun. 🙂


  3. Love this! So true about so many aspects of life. The things that challenge us the most bring the greatest rewards. Don’t stop running that mountain girl! Monday has been very nice to me and I taught a Body Pump class today for my workout 🙂 How about you? Was Monday nice?


    • Exactly! I’m facing a few “hills” in my life at the moment, but once I get to the other side I know it will be so worth it! 🙂

      Great way to start the week! Monday was nice to me too, I just did 4.5 windy miles, but worth it! 🙂


  4. I just love this post so much I can’t find anything intelligent to say other than this is awesome and I love it in both the literal and metaphorical sense! Oh & I wish I had good advice for you about Pinterest. I struggled trying to figure it out and only have the “follow me” button not the “pin it”. If you go to Pinterest or google “follow me button on Pinterest” you will find buttons already made up (just type in your Pinterest name & it’ll customize it). It will then give you a link to copy for your site. Go to your widgets and then add the “text” box. Copy the link into the text box and save & close it. Don’t try to name it (I did and it wouldn’t work and it took me a half hour to figure out why). Hope this helps!!!


  5. So, I’ve given up again on running and am returning to bicycling. Rode 25 miles yesterday and have a plan to ride every Tuesday and Thursday after work — 60-90 minutes each day — and then a longer ride at least once each weekend. We’ll see how it goes. We have the American River Bike Trail … it goes from downtown Sacramento to Folsom Lake. My goal is to ride the entire length up and back by the end of summer. We’ll see what happens. It’s even harder for me to stick with bicycling. But, it doesn’t aggravate my groin injury. What does that have to do with your post? Absolutely nothing. 😉 Just wanted to share since you are my running muse.


  6. Oh, I know what my last comment had to do with your post. Hills. Hate them. Even more when I’m on a bicycle because the hills are longer and harder and steeper for some reason.


    • Haha I love it, there is this one last hill on my mountain trail that even when I was running almost every day there, it almost got me every time! 😉

      But I also know they make me a better runner, I can feel that strength lacking more as I’m getting back into my groove with running.

      Here’s to our comeback, with running for me and cycling for you! 🙂


      • That’s the thing about hills … they’re good for you, but … well, in cycling, I’ve never experienced a hill that I felt I really conquered. I just always feel completely drained at the top. That’s what I need to do is be able to conquer a hill. The last part of the American River Bike Trail, that leads to Folsom Lake, is a series of hills and inclines that go on for a couple of miles. That’s what I need to conquer.


  7. Ha, when I lived in Connecticut I thought I was good at running hills and I said I enjoyed it. We then move here to Colorado and I know what “hills” really are now. From your picture it looks like you have some good hills!


  8. Oh, Boss, yet once again, I can completely relate to your wonderful blog! I LOVE running hills for all of the reasons you so eloquently stated, and I cannot wait to trail run this weekend. Now, I have your terrific analogy about the “hills” we face off of the trail, and it is a lesson that I continue to embrace. Thanks for saying what I have not been able to articulate. It may be Tuesday, but as always, you motivated me once again!


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