Motivational Monday

Be Here Now

We are all guilty of it. Sometimes more often than we would like to admit it. I am talking about worrying. Agonizing over. Feeling anxious. Afraid of the unknowns. And getting caught up in our yesterdays. Tomorrows. Getting caught up in thinking about what we should be doing. Rather than thinking about what we are doing. Right now. In this very moment.

Last night what I was going to do today looked very different. I was going to run errands. Go to the gym. Have lunch with a friend. It was going to be a very busy, but productive day. But I am not doing any of the things I had planned to do. No. Buckaroo is home from school not feeling well. Which left me with two choices. I could spend the day worrying about how I am going to fit everything I need to do into the crazy week I have ahead of me. Or I could take a hot bath in Epsom salt to ease my sore muscles. Help Buckaroo get comfortable with meds and fluids so he can rest. And climb back into bed so I can rest too.

As difficult as it was to let go and not think about what I needed to be doing, I took the hot bath. My muscles feel much better. And Buckaroo is resting comfortably. A supposed to be busy Monday has turned into staying cozy and listening to the pouring rain. And to be honest, I am really okay with it.

So you see, we do have a choice in what we do and how we think when things go as we planned them too. We have a choice to be here now. In this very moment. And breathe deeply. Take an inventory of our blessings. Feel gratitude for the sense of peacefulness that comes with the certainty this moment has given us. Be mindful of this moment. Because don’t you see? Worry. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Fear. And doubt wait for us to stop being mindful of this moment. Negativity waits for us to start thinking about our tomorrows or yesterdays. But negativity has no place in this moment. And negativity certainly won’t find a place in any of our moments if we continue to be mindful of the certainty we have when we choose to be here now.

Stay tuned for my April goals and more connecting more hearts around the world!

Did you make any goals for April?

How is your Monday going?

What does your be here now look like?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



13 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. One of the tough lessons I learnt when I was off work in February is that worry and anxiety do not help us…they do not prepare us any better for things that might occur, all they do is rob us of the feelings and greatness of the present. Great job on staying present and enjoying a wonderful, cozy Monday.


    • You are very welcome! I put a post-it with it written on my mirror, this week has some things going on that I could get caught up in the worrying stuff.
      And thank you! He seems to be doing a little better, fever has gone done a bit and he was able to eat dinner okay. 🙂


  2. Great post! I read something the other day…If you constantly worry about the worst case scenario, and then it comes true, you’ve lived it twice. Just another way to help us live in the here and now and not worry about tomorrow. Hope Buckaroo is feeling better today!


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