Friday Favorites

It was a long week. But it was a good week. It was week that reminded me to step back and take in everything around me that I am grateful for. Here are few of my favorite moments from my week.

Running With Less

It was raining one minute. The sun was out the next. 65 degrees with a cool breeze and rain to cool me off. And I didn’t overdress. Perfection.

Heart on a leaf

I find so many hearts and I love every one of them, but there are some I just love more than the others. 

Mom and Princess

I hosted a BBQ for my mother’s birthday. She looks so much younger then she is. And was so nice to see my Princess smiling!

Princess and Buckaroo

My Princess smiling and my Buckaroo being a typical teenage boy….

Bro and Nephew

My brother and I have worked through our differences and have become super close again. I love being an auntie to his little cupcake!


Spring is right around the corner

Moms B-day heart

I seem to always find a  heart when I need it the most

Green Leaf Heart

I seem to have gotten my motivation back. I have been working on my race schedule. And I have my April goals in place. I am inspired and I am excited about my upcoming goals.

What was one of your favorite moments this week?

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?

The only plans I have so far is Princess and I are going to watch a movie, I am going for a long run and I am picking up Bantam chicks ( they will be two days old).

Until next time always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It’s funny….I can hear the chirperness (not sure it’s a word) in your voice as I read this post! YAY!!!!!
    Favorite moment this week? a neighbour came over and helped me shovel my driveway
    Exciting Plans? I have a meeting today to schedule training sessions for athletes who have had organ transplants. They will compete in the Canadian Transplant Games in July….so excited to be part of such an amazing event!!!

    So glad to hear you smile again!!!


  2. Sounds and looks like a great week. I was thinking of throwing something about my week up on my blog also. I procrastinate so bad!! I got my sister to post more often from daily and weekly challenges but she writes, I don’t. I have another sister I have been in contact with all week. We aren’t very close, 18 yr age difference, but I am working on it. My blog, I have so many pictures I could put up, I don’t, my bad. Maybe today as it has been quite a week of critters around the river. Yesterday I probably took 300 shots of the swans who fed off the dock all day long and were visited by curious geese and ducks. Thanks for encouragement even if you didn’t mean it for me.


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