Be Real Running Shoes Review!

Here We Go!

Those of you that have been a part this marathon I call life for a while know I have an emotional attachment to my running shoes. I mean I have two pairs of my favorite running shoes on standby should Nike decide to discontinue them. So when I was contacted by an up and coming Fitness Company called Be Real Shoes to try their unique workout/running shoes designed for the minimalist. At first I have to admit I was a little skeptical. However, after I learned more about them, I decided to give them a try for a number of reasons, but mostly because they promised to be everything and more I am looking for in a running shoe.

Be Real Shoes 2

~Be Real Shoes are designed with a patent-pending approach to create an incredibly lightweight material, while also providing protection and traction. Check

~Be Real Shoes are designed to be pure awesomeness in every running environment. Since I run pavement, trail and in the mud. Check.

~ Be Real Shoes are designed to run in every running environment they are also a perfect shoe for strength training, crossfit, mud and water.  And running on the beach and going to the lake too? Check

~They are made in the USA utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques enabling the rubber soles to be 100% recyclable. Yes. 100%. How cool is that?! Check

~Living in California I know surfing is a big “thing”, I enjoy heading to the beach and watching the surfers, maybe I should give surfing a try?! Because Be Real Shoes are also fantastic on a surfboard and the wider forefoot is a great paddling aid – almost like mini flippers – and perfect for shortboards.

So now you understand why giving these shoes a try didn’t take much convincing right?

Be Real

When they arrived in the mail I was excited to give them a try. Keep in mind they recommend that you wear no socks with them, which felt a little funny at first, but not for long! I ran the creek trail (pavement) and right away I noticed I felt less of an impact, they are unbelievably lightweight and if I didn’t know any better, they feel like I wasn’t wearing running shoes at all. They are comfortable and honestly I was pleasantly surprised how well I adapted to them! I can’t wait to give them another try on my favorite muddy/rocky trail, wear them for a couple of mud runs I am planning on running this year, running on the beach and going to the lake! 

And the best part is my Nike Free Runs and Be Real running shoes have become friends and I do not mind sharing their now combined role of being both of  my favorite running shoes.

Be Real Shoes are not available to purchase until early 2014, but the buzz has already grown for the brand and the expected awesomely reasonable price. I am so excited and grateful to been given an opportunity to give them a try, and the best part is, I love them.

I am considering do a giveaway for a pair of Be Real Shoes, they are still finalizing/perfecting their sizes and I have a pair that will fit someone great who wears a 7 ½ size shoe. Who’s interested?!

And stay tuned the healthy whipped topping recipe I made a “thing” post is coming next!

Do you have an emotional attachment to your running shoes?

Did you have a good week? Are you racing this weekend?

What did you do today to be active?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!





24 thoughts on “Be Real Running Shoes Review!

  1. I’m glad these shoes can happily share a place in your closet (and on your feet) with you beloved Nikes!
    I definitely have an attachment to my running shoes. Whenever I’m due to replace a pair I get a little sad thinking of all the amazing runs and races I had with my retiring pair.
    Busy week – but racing 10 miles tomorrow (in supposed spring like weather!), I’m feeling the nerves already!


  2. Thanks for sharing this, as I definitely will check them out when they become available. The thought of being able to wear the same shoe on and off the trails definitely piqued my interest. Nice job, Boss!


  3. Hmmm, interesting! I hadn’t heard of these before – maybe it’ll be a while before they catch on in Europe? I might consider getting a pair for beach runs. 😉 Thank you for sharing this!


  4. I love my 5 finger bikila’s but wore out a couple places on the bottom because of the asphalt roads in the campgrounds. I can’t wear them when the temp gets down below 35 F. I bought a pair of Vivobarefoot Trail Runners this winter and love them. They have a deeper tread and a bit of a cut out so I didn’t slip so much on the ice and snow. I wear thick wool socks and even -10 F was good. They have a large toe box, which I love because of gripping with my toes. So, how is the tread and are they as pricey as all the rest? Picture of bottom maybe. We have some melting finally so I will see if it is still to icy to run, if yes, then an fast walk and back for some weights and such.


    • I haven’t tried the bikila’s or Vivobarefoot ones, are they the kind where your toes are separated? They have pretty good tread, they took a bit of getting used to for me and I was surprised by the low impact on such a thin feeling sole. Hopefully the weather will warm up for you soon? It sounds so cold there! 🙂


      • The Bikila’s are five finger or separated. Love mine but are worn. Vivo’s are the shoes pictured and just have a big toe box. The low impact is because you are placing your feet differently than if you had the thicker sole.
        We had 55 degrees last Monday but back to 20’s today. Snow is melting some but with the thaw and freeze, the roads are too icy to run on. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will be better. Love the season, though.


    • I have not tried vibrams are they good? I am the same way, although I just found out this past week they were discontinued, thankfully I have stocked up on a couple pairs, next time will have to try the newer style 🙂


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