Motivational Monday

Running Will Change Your Life

To change our body. Our mindset. Or something that is holding us back from being who we are. Or having all the things we deserve. We have to decide we want that change more than we want things to stay the same. We can’t work towards making a change half ass. We have to stay determined. Motivated. And celebrate the small milestones that will eventually become the big change we want to see in ourselves.

For me running has always been my go-to when things feel difficult. For me running is my security blanket when I am working towards a big change. Or a goal. Running withstands my tears. Anger. My confidant. Happiness. Motivation. Inspiration. Lack of motivation. Rants. And yes. Even failures.

And failures are okay. Failure means we are taking action. We are trying to be better. We are trying to do better. Because you see, nothing that we want more then we want things to stay the same is without some sort of failure along the way.

So yes. For me running not only changed my life, but running holds my hand and reminds me when I need to hear it the most. That I can do anything that I decide I want to do. And I am asking you. No. Wait. I am telling you. If you haven’t already. Find something that is good for you. Like running. Walking. Yoga. Cross training. Or strength training. And allow that something to be your go-to. That will not only change your life, but will also be your security blanket. Your confidant. Should you decide you want something more then to have things stay the same.

What did you do today to be active?

Is/has Monday been nice to you?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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