You Have To Stay Strong For Your Children

Running Away

Being parent is the most rewarding and sometimes the most painful job in the world. And if you are a mother. Or you are a father. You know exactly what I am talking about. It’s physically painful to watch your child feel sadness. Or pain. You want to make things all better them. But sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to protect your child from hurting. Or being hurt. And you can be supportive. And you can love them. But at the end of the day, they need to find their own way. And you have to allow them to find their own way. As heartbreaking as that can be. They have to learn hard lessons in their own way. And sometimes, God or whomever you look to for spiritual guidance does not play fair. Or at least it feels that way to me in the moment.Or a series of moments. Or hours.

Heart Leaf

For me, as a mother, I am going through one of those times as a mother when my heart has been breaking. Over. And over again. Since I got into bed last night. Only to get a call from my Princess who was going through a difficult time and in desperate need of her mother. And I jumped out of my bed, into my truck and went to her. For the next 24 hours there were a lot of tears. Waiting. Anger. Tears. More waiting. The unknowns. More tears. An hour of what I wouldn’t call sleep, but it did give me a second wind. To stay strong. Because you have to stay strong for your children. No matter what. Even when you aren’t sure how your legs are holding you up.Even when you can feel your heart breaking. Over. And over again. And wonder how much more your heart can take before it raises the white flag and surrenders. But somehow you make it through the worst of things. Just as I did. I know it could be so much worse. And you know it could be so much worse. And for that, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. As a mother I was reminded that it doesn’t matter how old my children get. They still need me sometimes. The same as I still need my own mother sometimes.  And that’s okay. My Princess is okay. She just needs to make some changes with the person she is “in love with”. And I know she will get through this. And my Princess will be okay. Her heart will feel less pain. So my heart can feel less pain too. But now its time for me to try to get to a place where I can just let go and allow my body to give in to sleep. And then, I will feel like, I will be okay too.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “You Have To Stay Strong For Your Children

  1. Whew it sounds like a tough one. Sorry it was so hard. But you know I’m all about using the things that happen in parenting for our own growth and healing, so I was reading this with an eye for what you are gaining from the experience. And you know what I noticed? You write about this experience the same way you do about running. The resilience, keeping going, facing the hardships with consistent determination and self-encouragement… It seems like your life is helping you to specialize in this sort of expansion. To me it sounds like you have learned, and are learning, to face fear and keep your feet on the ground and your heart in mind. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? How have your children and your running helped each other I wonder?


    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts! I hadn’t thought of facing challenges in parenting with the same mindset as my running, just reading your observation makes me feel a little more boss like! And I wonder too? A couple things come to mind right away, I think both have taught me so much about myself, what I am capable and that I am stronger than I ever thought was possible. I will have to think about that a little more 🙂

      P.S Are you still writing/posting? I subscribed when you moved your blog, but haven’t seen a post in a while, did you move back here?


  2. Oh Kimmie… will both be okay…you are both strong…I know she is because she has you as a mom! You are right, we all still need our mom….at 39 I still cry to mine and she still aches for me. How can you not when you love someone so deeply!!! Hang in there….tell princess to as well…feel the hurt….the sadness….and then become stronger!!!!!


    • Thank you so much Courtney, I know I have done my very best as a mother and I see so much of me in my Princess and she will get through this. In time. A broken heart needs time to heal and as I told her, one thing at a time.The process is so painful to watch and feel so helpless in a sense to make things better. Finally restful sleep for me has helped though, not having slept for nearly two days was really wearing on me. Again, thank you and I hope today finds you well! 🙂


  3. It seems that our children sometime need us more when they are adults than when they are younger. The world is a crazy place and difficult to navigate. You are awesome for doing that for your daughter!!!


  4. It has been one of the most difficult things in my life to watch my children struggle and/or be in pain and be unable to do anything other than stand beside them and hold their hand.


  5. I am thinking of you and Princess, and I have every confidence that you both will rely on your inner strength and the strength of one another to get through this. Those emotional wounds can be more painful than physical ones, and Princess is blessed that you rushed to her side during her time of need. I am sending you all lots of healing vibes and love, and I hope that better and brighter days are ahead very, very soon.


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