And That’s A Wrap!

2-7-2013Running is still going very well. I ran two days in a row in the pouring rain. In shorts. It was perfection. Effortless. A total rush. And pure awesomeness. I even managed to run another personal best since the injury, which only made getting completely soaked even more worth it! I highly recommend going for a walk. Or a run in the rain. It looks like I will be running in the rain again tomorrow.


Finally it looks and feels like winter around here. See how far the creek rose in one day?!

My February goal of trying one new recipe happened. It’s part of dessert, but that counts right?  I wanted to try it before I shared it, but here is a hint…..whipped topping that doesn’t have all the processed unhealthy junk in it. In fact, I don’t think it’s unhealthy at all. And I am making it a thing. I had it with fresh fruit. But it could be using for frosting, filling or whatever. In one word? A-may-zing. I am making another batch on Tuesday, I will take photos and share the recipe soon after!

Another February goal was not being too hard on myself, which so far, has not been as challenging as I originally thought. As long as I continue to be mindful of when I start to “go there”, I have been able to stop myself. A little extra mindfulness work, but it sure made a positive difference in the overall scheme of the challenges I faced this week.I also took a personal inventory of what, who and how I spend my time. Point being, I value my time and I do not think I am totally crazy for feeling like my time should be valued by others too. 

Blue Heart in the Rain

I don’t like statistics anymore than I did the last week. In fact, I still don’t plan on liking statistics at all. The hours I have spent this week on reading, figuring out and doing assignments was downright painful. And still is, I am not done yet. But I guess I should have known there would be a few tears involved in this course. One assignment at a time right?!

Heart LeafI have an interview in a couple of weeks for one of the jobs I applied for last Fall. I am testing for yet another phase of the hiring process for a different position. And am in the next phase for yet another position. I know, I had almost forgotten too! Apparently the county is not in a hurry to fill positions. I am excited, but honestly? I am really not attached to where I end up job-wise. I truly believe I have been on a journey of sorts, following my hearts. Seeing my hearts in nature and whatever is meant to be, will all fall into place as it’s supposed too

Crooked Heart In the Rain

I will be having a little giveaway of sorts in the coming week(s). All you have to do is answer some questions about running and you could win either an iTunes or an Amazon gift card. How easy and fun is that? More details coming soon.

And that’s a wrap-up of my week! I hope each and every one of you pretty awesome people are having an awesome long weekend!

Do you like running or walking in the rain?

Did you know healthy whipped topping is a thing now? Its true I officially made it one.

Have you been watching the Olympics?

Remember I blog on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s, so stop by or I will see you soon! (I know its Sunday, damn you graduate school!)

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


19 thoughts on “And That’s A Wrap!

  1. You know, a few days ago I said that I would run this weekend. And then the rains came and … I love running in the rain … but I still didn’t go. Either Saturday or Sunday. I wish I could figure out why I’m lacking in motivation to start doing this again. Argh. But good for you that you got out both days … and got to run in the rain. It is one of those singular things. Hope you keep it up.

    As for whipped topping … when I was a kid, my mom never bought Cool Whip or the stuff that came in the can. It was also a pint of whipped cream, some sugar, and a few minutes with a mixer. Better than anything that comes in a can or a tub.


    • Oh ugh! Well here’s another kick in the pants, the first step getting back on track is the most difficult, so get out there and do it, you’ve got this! 🙂

      My mom wouldn’t use cool whip either, I am the same, usually it’s good old fashioned hand whipped cream. The best part is the recipe has no whipped cream in it! And has a little better consistency than regular whipped cream for frosting. I am obsessed! 🙂


  2. I didn’t use to love the rain….but running in a light spritz is so refreshing when the humidity is high!
    You are doing great with your goals….continue to challenge your limits and not let your limits challenge you.


  3. I was always a fair-weather runner, until the day I had to get a training run in during a mild Fall rain. It was beautiful and refreshing, although my normal fear of falling while running was multiplied by about a thousand.


    • Yeah there was one spot where the path was totally covered with acorns, otherwise it’s not too bad, mostly pavement. On my favorite hilly trail I always worry about falling,(and I have a time or two) especially going downhill! 🙂


  4. I can’t say I’ve ever run in the rain, but then again when it’s been raining lately it’s also about 35 degrees and I’d probably get hypothermia! I’m sure I’ll have to brave the rain come spring time.


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