Let’s Make A Little Deal!

No Motivation

I had no motivation to go for a run today. Which is rare for me. And it would have been so easy to just not go. But I made a little deal with myself and decided to only run two miles instead of five. Once I got out there and stopped complaining about it, I was in the zone. So much so, I missed my turn off.  And the run I didn’t want to go on, turned into a four mile run. Which isn’t the five I had planned on doing. But it counts. And every step. Was worth so much more than any of the excuses I came up with to not go.

One of my Favorites

So the next time you feel unmotivated to go for a run. Or a walk. Or your work out. Go to yoga. Or whatever it is you do to be active. Make a little deal with yourself to not do all the miles. Pounds. Or poses. Steps. Or whatever’s it is for you. Because you see, there isn’t a perfect course to our goal(s). We are going to hit obstacles. And take detours. We might even end up at a different goal than we have planned on. Or feel so unmotivated we don’t want to move. But that is okay. As long as we don’t stop. Because every little thing we do counts as long as we are doing something that brings us closer to our goals. And I promise you, it will be worth it.

Have you ever been lost on a run, walk or hike? I got lost on a hike once and we ended up 10 miles off course and we had to hitchhike back to my truck. I have to say, there were a few moments when it was downright scary.

What have you done today to be active?

Have you found a heart yet?

Remember I post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and enjoy seeing what you pretty awesome people are up too in between. 

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



13 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Little Deal!

  1. I so need a kick in the pants on this. I haven’t run for several weeks and I hardly think about it. I have been such a lump. I think part of is because of how bad my last two runs were, plus just not having much energy when I get home from work. I just want to sit and veg and do as little as possible. How do I get back into it?


      • Yeah, but I think it’ll have to be on the weekend. I am just sooooooooooo lacking in energy in the evenings these days. Saturday. Morning. I’m there. It’s time. Thank you.


      • I hear that, I’ve been doing the gym and running in the morning or during the day on my “break”, I don’t see much past 9pm these days! Maybe it’s because it’s finally feeling a little like Winter? And Saturday it is, I will hold you to it! 🙂


  2. I was right with you on motivation yesterday and the day before. I tell myself to just run slowly and walk if I need to, but in the end, I run the route and am thankful I took the first step. I’m glad I’m not the only one… 🙂


  3. Yep….got lost once on a popular trail. A bunch of police officers (yup….I thought I was safe) and we somehow managed to get lost. Thankfully we used GPS to get us back on track but in the meantime we were able to hike uphill both ways. Crazy!

    Great job on getting out there when you least felt like it. Those are some of the hardest days!!!!


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