For The Love of Running

Run Away!

Running has been going very well for me. Which is awesome. Yes. But I am not quite at a place where I feel out of the woods, just yet. But pain is minimal when I run. The impact doesn’t feel as harsh and I am running more than I am walking. Even though I am doing my best just to enjoy running and not worry about times, I had a personal best since the injury this last week. And I can’t help but feel excited about putting my injury behind me and registering for some races. All in due time I suppose! Today I am just grateful to run the sad events of the week away, almost pain-free.

Green Heart

And I have to say, if running wasn’t going so well, I would do a whole post about my bicyclist interactions lately. None of which were very nice. I just have to say if one more person on a bicycle almost hits me. Or knocks me into the ditch. Again. When I am on my side of the trail. I am going to come unglued.

Enough about that. Here is the next addition to Connecting Hearts Around the World. These photos both come from Sacramento, California and were taken by Mark who is a published author. I encourage you to check out his blog here. What I find the most heartwarming about these hearts is, somehow, I managed to inspire Mark to start running again after pretty much giving up running altogether from an injury. And I am thoroughly grateful to have been able to inspire another person to join me in theirs. And mine. Love of running. 

Here is what Mark had to say…..keep in mind this was a few months ago and at last check Mark is still getting out there like a boss!

“As you know, you are the inspiration for me to get back to running.  Today marked the 8th day in a row that I have gone for a walk of at least 40 minutes or more.  And 6th day in a row of starting my morning off with a few minutes of PT exercises.

My walks are brisk.  I cover a mile in 15 minutes or less.  Well, until today, when I remembered your ask.  Suddenly I was slowing down.  Looking at leaves.  Tree bark.  Shapes in the dirt.  Cracks in the sidewalk.  Ivy patterns on the walls.  Clouds.  Gaps of sky that are formed by tree branches.  All sorts of everything.  I found a few.  Here are the best.  The first I swear offers a heart in the space between the leaves.”

Mark's Heart In The Trees

“The second is an homage to you, my running muse … I found the leaf on the ground on one of the last
corners before I got home.”

Mark's Heart

A heartfelt thank you to Mark for thinking of me and I look forward to seeing what running has in store for you! And I am off and running (literally) to try to beat the sunset!

Did you run or walk yet today?

What’s for dinner? We are having homemade pasta w/alfredo sauce, salad and garlic bread.

Did you find a heart yet?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


13 thoughts on “For The Love of Running

  1. Thank you for continuing to be my running muse. The first part of January saw me experiencing the bipolar nature of running. I had several really good runs of about 4.5 miles, followed by two runs where I couldn’t force myself past 1.5 or 2 miles. And I haven’t run for the past week and a half because of some guests and an out-of-town vacation. And, now I’m sick. It’s definitely coming harder this time than it did when I first started running six years ago. But, assuming my head cold gets better, I’m targeting Sunday for a run.


    • That sounds like me not too long ago!Things feel a little more consistent, at least for now 😉 I noticed the last few times the muscle memory aspect of my body/running and it felt comfortable, rather than things feeling so difficult.I do hope you feel better and one step at a time we will get there! 🙂


  2. Had my last training run leading up to the Surf City Half February 2nd. Covered 11 miles. And I had a slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner. 😉 I have to admit I was so focused I didn’t take a moment to look around for hearts. I’ll have my eyes open and searching come race day!


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