The Flu Going Around Means F-ing Business


Listen up.

As a runner I know what it means to push myself. To not give in when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Or impossible. To keep going when I think I need to stop.

As a runner I know that I use my body the most when I feel stressed. Overwhelmed. Or sad. Yes. Those are the days when I run hard. And fast. To outrun my mind. To outrun everything that feels like too much to bear.

Multicolored Heart

As a runner I know into order to do any of those things I need to take care of my body. And by take care of my body I mean eat wholesome. Green. Nutrient filled. Non-processed foods. Limit my sugar intake. Drink more than enough water. Plenty of Vitamin C. And get a reasonable amount sleep each night.

And even though I do my best to take care of my body. There are times when I don’t care of my body like I should. But you see, those are the times when my body needs it the most.

You know what I am talking about.

Blue Plastic Heart

I am talking about not giving my body what it needs to stay healthy. Nourished. And well rested. Which weakens my immune system. Not a good idea during flu season. Especially when the H1N1 flu is going around. And the H1N1 flu that is going around means f-ing business.

My friend of over 20 years lost her husband to the H1N1 flu yesterday morning. He was in his 50’s. A complete shock to her and everyone involved is an understatement. They have been together 17 years. He was given his angel wings too soon. And on her birthday no less. My heart breaks for her. It’s just not fair.

Cactus Heart

But even though it’s very sad, it’s also a harsh reminder that we all need to be mindful of taking care of our bodies the best we can. And for F-s sakes washing our hands. Maybe even washing our hands a little bit obsessively. Because let’s face it. Washing our hands is absolute best way we can stop spreading the H1N1 flu. And other nasty germs. How many times have you noticed someone in a public restroom just walk the F out without washing their hands?! And yes. I am that crazy lady calling them out on it. I am also a tad obsessive about having a clean/tidy house and washing my hands. But I am okay with that. Germs gross me the F out.

Heart Rock

So whether you get the flu shot. Or you don’t get the flu shot. I am not here to debate that. We just need to be mindful of the things we can do. Or frankly what we should all be doing already to stop the spread of the H1N1 flu. And yes. I am guilty of running myself down sometimes. We all are. And we most likely won’t be able to change that overnight. But we can be mindful of it. And we can make an effort to do better.

Leaf Heart

Today I am lying low. I am emotionally drained and tired, but I have a ton studying to do. And I am putting together a meal for my friend and her family. Frankly, I don’t know what else I can do for her. Or say, for that matter. I guess it comes down to taking things one thing and one step at a time. And we can collectively show the flu who is boss.

Heart Shadow

How is your week going?

Have you found a heart yet?

What’s for dinner? We are having homemade Calzones with salad. Its one of Buckaroo’s favorite meals!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


12 thoughts on “The Flu Going Around Means F-ing Business

  1. This flu is nothing to mess with. I had it last week, and it completely derailed me. I’m up and about and back at it this week, but still with a lingering cough. So take care of you. And yes, please, EVERYONE WASH YOUR HANDS!! COVER YOUR COUGH!!!


  2. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend’s husband, and you both have my condolences. Thank you for reminding everyone about how serious this strain of the flu is and the importance of self-care and tips on how to prevent spreading it. Please, take good care of yourself, because so many people need you, Boss!


  3. I didn’t have H1N1, but I got the flu a few weeks ago and it knocked me on my butt. Followed by a nice sinus infection. No training for 2 weeks. Now I’m back into it, and I lost some strength and mass and my cardio took a huge hit. Gonna take awhile to get it back. Stay healthy, folks.


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