Connecting Hearts In Pennsylvania

Marathon Heart

The hearts I have received in my inbox continue to be a source of inspiration and heartfelt gratitude for the brief moment that your heart and mine have shared an unspoken connection hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

This photo was taken in Pennsylvania at Lehigh Valley Marathon. Tom over at 278toBoston spotted this heart while he was running his very first marathon. When I received Tom’s email with the heart he found during his race, I literally burst into tears feeling overwhelming gratitude to have shared a moment nearly 3K miles away during his monumental experience. You can read his race recap here and here.

For me, Tom has been a source of inspiration. Motivation. Support. Kindness. Understanding. And more!  So thank you Tom for all that you do! And if you haven’t already, head over and check out Tom’s blog, you will not be disappointed!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? If you did, how is it going?

What is your favorite thing about today?

Did you run or walk yet today?

Did you find a heart yet? Keep them coming! Going forward,  I have decided to add the hearts you send/have sent to some of my regular posts, otherwise it will take far too long to share them all!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


8 thoughts on “Connecting Hearts In Pennsylvania

  1. I have a 5k run with the group shortly. Love your hearts. Did you see that Drew Barrymore printed a book of hearts she found…I was like….Oh man….she took Kimmie’s idea!!!!


  2. Thank you so much! You have really inspired me in so many ways. I know I told you this before, but for 4 months leading up to the marathon, I had a printed paper on my monitor at work that had your comment, “You are going to rock the Lehigh Valley Marathon”. That helped me in the upper mileages of the race when I had to walk some (and look for hearts)!!! Thanks for you blog!!!


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