The Best is Yet to Come

Always Looking Forward

This weekend I will officially be “in my 40’s”. And I am not sure why, but feels like more of a milestone birthday than actually turning 40. Yes. My 40th birthday was supposed to be the scary one. Only it didn’t scare me. No. Instead I woke up the morning of my 40th birthday feeling different. Changed somehow. Even though I embraced that change like a boss, I spent nearly the entire year trying to figure out was that change was.

Green Heart

Somewhere in the chaos of the past month or so, I realized what was different about me. What had changed when I turned 40 is I wholeheartedly began to devote my time and energy to what was truly important to me and what I wanted in my life.  That’s not to say I didn’t do the same before. I just got better about devoting my time and energy to doing things that nourished my personal growth. Health. And wellbeing. I got better about not devoting my time or energy to involving people in my life who took advantage of my willingness to give. Love. Or my kindness. And I got better about recognizing who and what I devoted my time and energy on what no longer served me.

Heart on Fire

So now that I will officially be “in my 40’s”, it does feel a little scarier than turning 40, but it also feels more exciting. Because I know who I am better than I ever have before. I have learned I am still young enough to do anything I want to do. But I am old enough to know what I don’t never want to do again. I know the world isn’t going to end if I say no to someone and do what is best for me. I also know that saying no and doing what is best for me, takes a lot of practice, but I am getting better at it. I also know that not being so hard on myself takes a lot of practice too.

Always look closer Heart

This past year, I learned the difference between telling myself I can’t do something and actually believing I can’t do something. I know that I am an amazing mother even when I don’t feel like one. But most importantly, I know  that being in my 40’s also means the best is yet to come.

Did you run or walk today?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Have you found a heart yet?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


22 thoughts on “The Best is Yet to Come

  1. Right on target. A unique member of the family of our kind in existence, contributing your unique life gift day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second to second, and moment to moment, to make Creation’s song the way Creation can sing when all of its singers sing their songs. OK, that was pretty much a flood of wordiness. Still, love this post.


  2. My 40s were about the same. I was married to someone at the time that never bought me a present, sometimes remember to get a card on the way home from school. It was so uneventful that honestly, I have no idea what I did. I probably just went to school and taught as usual. Came home and ate alone as usual.
    But I also had the same realization. It must matter. I have to be true to myself. Within a few years, my ex left me and I became single–the happiest I had been since, well, I’m not sure when. It took me a little while to get there, but I was happy. All the time. HAPPY. Truly happy. I started to learn who I was, and I’m still trying to figure out the whys, but now I am 50.
    It is even more important to be true to myself and not take shit anymore, from anyone. 😉
    So. Happy 40s, my dear! It doesn’t get any better.


  3. I love your attitude!
    I thought life would feel the same year after year since graduating college, but I’ve realized life DOES get better with age. Some of the worries I had in college seem so silly now, and I’m so much more independent than I was then, it’s such a great feeling.
    Happy Belated Birthday 🙂


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