Connecting Hearts Around The World

As most of you know the hearts I see in nature when I run have been my guide. Motivation. Inspiration. Muse. Comfort. And affirmation that if I listen to my heart. If I follow my heart. If I stay true to myself. And if I never give up. I will see and feel at the things I see in my dreams. Not long ago I asked you all to look for hearts in nature when you were out running or walking and send them to me. And since, the hearts in nature have given me more than I could have ever asked for. They have given me a moment in your life when you saw a heart and in that moment you thought of me. And in that moment. Hundreds. Or even thousands of miles away. Your heart. And my heart shared an unspoken connection of commonality. A sameness. We connected in a way that shows us how completely different we can be, but also how we are exactly the same.  You see, we all want to find love. And feel loved. And to love ourselves. To be happy. To feel worthy of happiness. And to feel worthy of all that we dream of coming true. We all want to avoid feeling pain. Loss. Injury. Loneliness. Illness. Defeat. Disappointment. And anger. We all want to be heard. To be understood. Yes. But here’s the thing. Some of us are vastly different from one another. Some of us share similarities. But when all of our differences are stripped away, no matter what our lives look like. Where we live. Or what we look like. We all share one undeniable commonality of connectivity. Of sameness. Our hearts.

So I give you the first in a series of posts to come this year that are intended to remind us all of the powerful unspoken connection we share in our hearts. This photo is from someone we will call “Ian”.

I took this photo, while on a vacation in Weston, VT, when I was 19.  I had decided to go on a nature walk, and take some photos, when I came across this clover.  I decided to take a picture of it because I liked how it looked laying on the rain-soaked road.  When I got back from my walk, I uploaded all of my pictures.  It was then that I really looked at the photo and noticed this lone petal shaped like a heart.  It was something that I had totally missed while taking this picture.  It has now become one of my favorite pictures I have taken, and it always reminds me to take a step back from my life, and try to look at the whole picture, instead of what’s just in front of me.”

Weston, VT

Can you find the heart? Isn’t it beautiful?! And thank you “Ian” for the inspiration to connect our hearts around the world.

I look forward to sharing more of the hearts you have found and I want you to remember. If we look closely at one another. If we look closely in nature, we can never alone in this world. And if we listen to our heart. If we follow our heart. If we stay true to ourselves. Each and every one us will see and feel the things we see in our dreams.

Have you found a heart yet? I look forward to seeing more of them in my inbox!

What’s for dinner?

Did you run or walk today?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


12 thoughts on “Connecting Hearts Around The World

  1. I think it’s fantastic that even though we have never met in person, I feel a bond with you through your posts. Every time I head out into nature I look for that heart. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts!


  2. Beautiful thoughts and I’m so thrilled you have started moving forward on this. I made homemade carbonara with homemade pasta and homemade french bread. Went for a 3.5 mile run today after 5.5 miles yesterday. What about you?


    • Wow that sounds amazing! We had pizza, definitely not as exciting! 🙂 Awesome to hear running is going week for you! Yesterday I worked in the yard all day, cutting back perennials, cleaning the pond etc, figured that was my workout (and it was a good one, my heavens am I sore) and today was a rest day! 🙂


  3. Amazing….and I can’t wait to see more of the pictures. You inspire so many…and you are correct…whenever I see a heart on my runs, I think of you…so many miles away!!!!


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