There Are Winnings To Be Won

Tan Heart

Running is going well, 10.5 miles in the books since my last post. But yet another week without Tootsie Tuesday or Motivational Monday. In all due time.  I sure look forward to getting back to my routine here on WordPress. Although, I have been catching up with some of you pretty awesome people in the past few days and I am grateful to be on the way to seeing what all of you have been up too.

Rough Around The Edges Heart

Speaking of what you all have been up too, I was notified that one of you pretty awesome people nominated my blog in Healthline’s “Best Health Blog of 2013” Contest.  So a heartfelt thank you, how neat is that?! Apparently there are winnings to be won, 1K for first place to be exact. I know, I dream big, but why not?

What is the Contest? Healthline holds an annual Best Blogs
as a way to honor the health and fitness online communities.

So from my understanding in order to get first place, second place or even third, I need your votes

Voting opens on Nov. 15th and ends Jan. 15th

No pressure! That gives each and every one of you pretty awesome people enough time to cast your  votes I do hope you will head over to Healthline and cast your vote ! And if you have any extra time, join me in spreading the word, I have already made a trip to the rooftop. *wink* So let’s do this. Together! It would
 be so a-may-zing to actually win. And while you are there, check out some of the other blogs that have been nominated, I haven’t been able to navigate too much, but from what I did see…..plain awesomeness

Leaf Heart

Well, I am off to study, I am trying to finish this week before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holiday and join the millions of other crazed shoppers taking advantage of the sales Friday morning!

Have you ever tried to win a contest?

Have you ever won a contest?

Do you go shopping on Black Friday?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



13 thoughts on “There Are Winnings To Be Won

  1. Good luck on the contest. Where do we vote? I don’t try to win anything anymore except an occasional lottery ticket. Black Friday is best spent at home laughing at all those crazies. Sorry if you are one, but I would still laugh. There are better things to spend that money on and better places to be. Just the thought of this time and money frugal person. I also don’t give out Christmas presents. A bit of money to the Grandbabies. A little touch of Scrooge runs through me but I do love Christmas.


    • Thank you! You click the link in post then easiest way to find is alphabetical, it’s page 21 or 22! 🙂 I am usually home grateful not to be out on Black Friday but my sis talked me into it, should be interesting! 😉 I make a lot of gifts, quilts and such, Christmas is my favorite holiday 🙂


  2. Good luck to you! I have entered contests but nothing hoot and holler over. Your nomination is outstanding. Congrats!

    and btw I stay far far away from stores on Black Friday. In Thailand though, there is no such thing so I can relax this friday.


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