Memories Are Made In Running Shoes


What is one of your favorite memories in your running shoes?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


20 thoughts on “Memories Are Made In Running Shoes

  1. What is one of your favorite memories in your running shoes?

    I can’t point to anything specific, although as I think about this, I start to come up with a few things. I began running to participate in a sprint triathlon with family members. We had two teams and I was going to be the runner on one team. My sister was the runner on the other team. This was in San Luis Obispo. At about the two mile mark, there was a long hill. While my sister had run the route (she lived there after all), I hadn’t run the route before the day of the race. Her swimmer and cyclist were stronger than my swimmer and cyclist, so I was behind when the run started. I caught her at the base of the hill and wanted so desperately to power my way up the hill to victory. But I couldn’t. I ended up picking up a few minutes of time, but not enough for our team to win. That’s when I became a runner.

    I also remember the next organized run I participated in. I ran one of the legs in the relay portion of the California International Marathon later the next year. The route is lined with spectators cheering runners on. There are high school cheerleaders and other community groups that come out to encourage the runners. It was such a positive experience, I became a runner that day.

    I remember my first fun run. A few months later, a 5k in Elk Grove. Nerves, nerves, nerves. But it was so invigorating and encouraging. I became a runner that day.

    I remember my first half marathon about seven months later. I wanted to finish in two hours or less. I missed it by 32 seconds. I became a runner that day.

    I’m still a runner, even if I’m not running at the moment.

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    It’s my birthday Sunday. My last year before I turn 50. I don’t care about the number. My youngest has a soccer game in the morning. Later in the day, we’re going to play bocce ball and then go to dinner. Hopefully, Sunday will be quite, relaxed, peaceful.

    What are your plans?


    • I think they would have to be running before my heart stuff and running in organized races. Although there have been some amazing memories after both, I can still remember running without worry, injuries, times etc and those times, sometimes feel impossible to go back to.

      I hope you are feeling better? Out walking at all?

      All wonderful memories, thank you for sharing them with me!

      Happiest of birthdays! Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.
      I looked forward to turning the big 40, but I finally figured out what has changed since, it only took me 9+ months, a blog post to come about it soon! 😉

      I hope you son does well at his game! I am planning on doing a little sewing/quilting, a long run/walk and studying and more studying. S&@$ got real in grad school this week! 🙂


      • Yes, I can remember running without injuries as well. What makes it difficult to deal with my current situation. I went for a three mile run last Sunday. One knee was good. The other was mostly good. I haven’t done much since. I hope to do a walk or run tomorrow and maybe Sunday, primarily to see what happens.
        Look forward to your post about turning 40. Good luck with your weekend and the studying. I wish I could get my oldest in contact with you to see how serious it has to be. He’s in his first semester of undergrad and he just doesn’t get it. Yet. Very frustrating.


      • Well that’s good to hear! I hope they continue to improve, and I know you know, but be easy and take things slow. Frustrating I know, but in the long run it will be worth it! 🙂

        Your older son should be right around midterms ya? First semester? Hopefully he gets through this semester okay and the newness of it all wears off and then he buckles down. 🙂


      • Yes. Midterms. As far as I can tell, he’s doing OK in everything except Calculus — which is the one class most important to his major.


  2. What a great statement, and so true for all runners I’m sure!

    My favourite run moment would be the back-to-back trail runs I did around Positano earlier in the year. Heading out pre-dawn to climb up from the beach into the hills and past Nocelle while the sun rose over the stunning Amalfi coast. Absolutely stunning.
    Thanks for prompting the memory!


  3. I simply remember my favorite pair of running shoes….. I bought two of the exact same pair….two times in a row. I’d never been so happy! I should have known they would discontinue the brand:(. I would have bought up the store if I only knew:)


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