Levi’s GranFondo Is In The Neighborhood!

Hot Air Balloon

This morning myself and the majority of my neighbor grabbed our cowbells went to cheer on everyone riding in Levi’s GranFondo. Before the start time what we thought was just a hot air balloon full of people getting an awesome view of the race was actually not planned at all. Not good. But they were able to recover and continued on their way. You can see how close it was from hitting the trees, they are not very big trees either.  Yikes!

A Little Too Close to the Trees Maybe

Watching the race has become an annual event in my neighborhood and since most of the roads are shut down around us for the race, why not?! Cycling isn’t really my thing, but it is so inspiring and motivating to watch them doing what they love! This year there were an estimated 7, 000 riders, which took about an hour to go by. A couple things I noticed about this year’s race were less team sponsored riders and a minimum of 20 children I saw riding. Teaching them young, how cool is that?!

Here They Come

Here they come!

Have a Great Race!

Patrick Dempsey usually rides in the race, but I didn’t see him this year. But then again after the first

3, 000 or so riders they start to all look similar.

1 of 4

There are usually so many more sponsored riders.  This year I only saw four teams. We were all wondering. Why?


The most common thing I heard from the riders was “it is so cold”. And it was cold.  I was frozen to the bone by the time all the riders passed.  I can only imagine how cold it was when they got closer to the ocean.


Wishing them a 60 miles worth of a great race!  Usually I go to the post race festivities, but I am going to pass this year, I have studying to do and I want to get a run in later this evening. But before I do anything, Buckaroo just left for a friend’s house.  And after all the excitement this morning, this runner needs a nap.  

How is your Saturday going?

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


8 thoughts on “Levi’s GranFondo Is In The Neighborhood!

  1. That looks awesome! My husband and I have done a duathlon and triathlon together. He has been a cyclist since we were kids, me not so much. But it’s great fun! Dare I ask, how cold is it? It was a “chilly” 55 degrees here in south Texas for us and we were grateful. In our area, there were lots of people taking advantage of the weather on the crowded trails. I love seeing active people in my town!


    • So cool! Its inspiring to watch, but I haven’t ridden since my my early twenties though. Its been in the low forties in the morning, but 80+ during the day. It is nice to see so many people out being active, in the morning or evening there aren’t that many so I was a little surprised! 🙂


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