The Streak Is Over. And Other News.

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After a record-breaking streak of “bad runs” I was determined to do what I could to do to make a change. Honestly, I was feeling so discouraged with my progress and it was taking just about everything I had to get myself out the door.  So I decided to do something completely different for me. I decided to go running in the middle of the day. Not only that, I told my worst enemy and perfectionist self I was going for a walk. And it worked! They both stayed home and the streak is over. Not just once, but 13 miles and two runs later over. But I am normally a morning or evening runner so I learned a few things running in the middle of the day.

Rose Petal Heart

It’s hot. Almost 90 degrees hot. (I know 278 Boston and others, that’s nothing right?!) But in the middle of the day hot sure feels different from in the evening hot. OY.

There are a ton of people out on the trail.

The majority of those people were men, who didn’t wear shirts. Remember it was hot? Not wearing a shirt seems like an unfair advantage to me. I would have given anything to toss mine in the bushes right around mile two.

Men were running and on bicycles without shirts. Which is totally fine except I stay on my side of the trail and there were quite a few not so nice people riding who decided I was in their way.

 I was in their way both days. And it wasn’t the same people. I understand Levi’s GranFondo is coming to town, but seriously, we all need to share the trail. Especially when I go by trail rules and stay as close to the edge as I can without going into the ditch.

Dried Leaf Heart

I realized I have been putting far too much pressure on myself with running. Just by telling myself I was going for a walk completely changed my perspective. I actually noticed why I have been having trouble with running. The impact after about 3 miles starts to aggravate my lower back, which in turn makes me favor my right side, which results in even more pain. If I stay mindful and not favor my right side, things feel easier and less painful.  It’s still healing. Not exactly something I want to hear or think about with a half marathon a month away. But what can I do? I just have to continue being mindful of my injury and allowing it to heal.  Further, I allowed myself to get caught up in training and pace again. And I did exactly the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish. I want to take my love of running another level. But how can I do that if I put so much pressure on myself I start to not even like running?! I need to continue to be mindful and train hard, but forget about numbers and time. For now.  Also changing my route(s) and adding mileage to them seemed to help this week!

Another Dried Leaf Heart

I haven’t heard a peep from my brother. Somehow a part of me expected I would hear something. Maybe not an apology from him, but something. I talked to my mother for the first time in a week, which is very rare we go that long without talking. She didn’t even mention the engagement. Which is so weird! I mentioned it to my sister and she said she didn’t mention it to her either. Even weirder. I can’t imagine she doesn’t know. But I also know she is not impressed with social media in the least, so in some ways I am not surprised she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Green Heart

I am almost finished with my first class of grad school. We have a huge research assignment due , then we are on to the next class. I have been taking things one assignment at a time and it’s been difficult, but totally doable. I will be finished in no time.

I still have not heard back from any of the jobs I applied for. Well I mean any news worth sharing, I have moved on to next steps and I am still being evaluated for the one I really, really want.  And I am testing for the police department next week and the week following. What a process!

Orange Heart

The Mr. is gone hunting so Buckaroo and I are going to watch a movie and call it a night. Tomorrow calls for studying, working in the garden, a run and seeing what you pretty awesome people have been up too!

Did you have a good week?

Any special plans for the weekend?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


33 thoughts on “The Streak Is Over. And Other News.

  1. It’s different because of your injury, I’m sure, but what I learned when I first started running is that the first two or three miles are the hardest. Once you get past that hurdle, that moment when your breathing is ragged and things hurt and you think the hurt is never going away, and suddenly your breathing evens out and the pain starts to lessen and things are OK at least for a few more miles … that’s when you realize you can go further than the limit you placed on yourself for all those weeks. When I first started running, my goal was just to be able to run non-stop for 30 minutes, but I’d always poop out at about 15 minutes. Then one day, I told myself it was ridiculous, there was no reason I couldn’t run further and I pushed through that wall that said you can’t breathe, your knees hurt too much, walk for a block. And when I did that I suddenly started running not just for 30 minutes but 45 and 60 and 90. Here’s hoping you’ve knocked that wall down, too.
    I also would like to get away from time and distance measures and just run for the period of time I’m comfortable with whether it’s 3 miles one day and 6 the next. Unfortunately, I’m too internally competitive to be able to do that. I can’t stop measuring myself against myself.
    Plans — the kid’s playing soccer tomorrow and I desperately need to finish watching Breaking Bad on Netflix so I can get on with my life again.


    • Yeah normally my 2-3 mile is when things start to feel comfortable and I settle into a decent pace. I am still not running a full mile since the injury, the majority, yes, which is a little discouraging, or at least I try not to think about it discouraging. I definitely am improving, but my heavens I had no idea I would have this much of a setback! Sounds like you are doing awesome with your running, I am so happy for you!! 🙂

      I completely understand and I am totally guilty of the competition with myself, I am really trying to work on that, but as I noticed with my archives on here, its far easier said than done! 😉

      I haven’t gotten into Breaking Bad yet, I have seen a few episodes with Buckaroo, now he is way ahead of me so we can’t watch it together anymore, so I am saving it for a rainy day! All the best to your son and his soccer game! 🙂


  2. I had a pretty good week….got back into more of a running routine and am putting together my October goals!

    I know how hard it is to forget about numbers and miles with a race coming up….but you can do it. You ARE the boss of you and I think you are doing everything right to ensure that you and running continue your love affair!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

    Great job on the course as well…I know how hard it is to juggle everything and still remain sane!


    • Great to hear you had a good week! I have been thinking of October goals as well and haven’t decided which ones I am going to focus on for the month yet.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, kind thoughts and support on both school and running, I deeply appreciate them! ❤


  3. You aren’t thinking the no shirt thing through… It’d be fun for about two minutes, till the girls let you know why you wear that sports bra in the first place. We boys have that same problem, compression shorts are absolutely mandatory when running for us. It just is what it is.


  4. I have thought a lot about your wonderful words, and as so often happens, I can relate to your experiences on a number of levels. One of the reasons I no longer run in races is because of the pressure I put on myself that made training and running in the race so stressful. I would psyche myself out and was physically and mentally miserable, and as I read this blog post, I realized that even though I have found solace in trail running, I continue to have some of the same negative mentality and approach in other areas of my life that rob me of the love, acceptance, and contentment I seek from myself and from others. Running truly can be a metaphor for life, and you illustrate that so beautifully. Thank you, BOSS!


  5. Great post…it is easy to put too much pressure on ourselves with our running, but it’s a natural tendency. We are always mindful of the next level up, the better pace, etc. You have to hate running a little during training to love it on race day–just means you’re working hard! I hope the streak is broken!


    • That is so true! The interesting part is I know I can do it and I even have an idea of how I will do, but put a date and time on things and I get completely wrapped up in it, which is new for me. In all the other races I have done I hated all the strength training, but with running I loved it all the way to and past the finish line(s). 🙂


  6. It sounds like we’re having similar troubles with our running. Happy to hear the streak is over for you! I think I’m starting to feel better, too. Today’s long run felt like a big step back, but I still think that overall I’m headed in the right direction.
    I’ve been looking for hearts. I love your photos.


  7. Hot??? Yes! 90 degrees is hot. I’m glad you got past the running issue. You are so strong to be able to walk. I would have much less pain if I did that. 🙂
    Sorry about your brother. Things will work out.
    Keep walking. Keep running. You are an inspiration!!! Oh yeah… Keep studying. 🙂


  8. Having just returned from an injury, I totally understand the personal pressure you feel! I’ve come to terms with the fact there is nothing wrong with walking, especially if that means staying healthy!


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