The End Result Is The Same For All Of Us

Fall Beautifulness

 Listen Up.

Accidental change does not exist. Accidental personal growth does not exist. No one can accidentally changes what they eat. Or why they eat the way they do. No one accidentally lives an active lifestyle and runs a half marathon. Or runs a full marathon. No one accidentally loses 20 pounds. Or gains 100 pounds. No one accidentally changes how much they love themselves. Or how little they believe in themselves. No. But Accidental defeat does exist. It happens every day. To each and every one of us in some way. Every single day.

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You see, accidental defeat is the result of not paying attention. Not paying attention to being able to run and getting caught up in pace times and race rimes. Not paying attention is having so much on our daily to-do list that little on that list gets done. Instead we are unfocused. Scattered. We are on auto-pilot. Not paying attention to how we feel. About ourselves. About an argument with a friend. A spouse. Our job. Training. Not training enough. An injury. Recovering from an injury. Whatever it is, we feel something that prevents us from moving forward. Not paying attention to how we think. About ourselves. Our worthiness. Our authenticity. Our truth. What we tell ourselves is our truth. Not paying attention prevents us from creating the change we want for ourselves. In order to create real change. Lasting change. We have to be mindful. We have to pay attention.

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By paying attention I don’t mean checking a list to see how much you have done. Meditating once a day. Blogging once a week. Adding up miles. Calculating stats. I mean facing your life with your eyes open. Being mindful on every single level. Being accountable for what you are doing. Why you are doing it. And who you are doing it for. Looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that you are unmistakably beautiful. Knowing society is a liar. Your authenticity is what makes you beautiful. And nothing. Or no one person defines your authenticity. Or your beauty. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of your dreams coming true. You matter. And you make a difference.  You are paying attention.

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When we pay attention we begin to build a relationship with ourselves. We begin to be mindful of what we eat, we notice when we do not make healthy food choices. We notice why we do not make healthy food choices. We notice how not making healthy food choices makes us feel. And we gain a new respect for our bodies. When we have respect for our bodies we are paying attention to how we feel. We show up. And keep showing up until there is nothing more we can do to resolve an argument. Fix a shattered relationship. There is no more training to be done. There is training to begin. There is an injury to be mindful of. There is an injury that needs more time to heal. When we have respect for our bodies we can let go. We can understand our part. We can understand some things are not in our control. We can put them in the past. Set them free. And we can move forward. So we can build a loving relationship with ourselves.

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Once we can move forward. Once we have built a loving relationship with ourselves. We must continue to show up. Again. And Again. We must continue to pay attention. So we notice the things that have been holding us back. Feelings. Forgiveness. Habits. Triggers. Justifications. Motivations. Inspirations. Preventing us from personal growth. And loving our authentic selves. We will no longer accept the alternative. The alternative is not paying attention. No change. No personal growth. Living our lives. Half Assed. Sleep Walking. On Auto-pilot. If we will not accept the alternative then,  not by accident we begin to change. We begin to grow. And we continue to grow. Not by accident. No. Through loving ourselves enough to achieve what we are capable of. To achieve what we never dreamed we could be capable of.  And along the way we learn that loving ourselves is easy. It’s the showing up. Again. And again. To keep loving ourselves. To continue to grow. And change. That is difficult part. And you want to know a secret? The majority of what I say. The advice I give. The encouragement. The reminders. Support. And Kindness. I am also giving that same advice. Encouragement. Support and kindness to myself.  Why? The bottom line. The end result. Is the same for all of us. We all must love ourselves. And sometimes that is not as easy as I made it sound a couple of sentences ago. No. Sometimes remembering to love myself. And I know remembering to love yourself.  And showing up. At the same time. Is just plain difficult.  

Is there something you would like to change about yourself?

Are you having a good start to the week?

What’s for dinner?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

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10 thoughts on “The End Result Is The Same For All Of Us

  1. Wow….what a moving post. I have not been showing up for myself…not at all. I think is is high time that I start doing so….to ensure that I am happy, I am fulfilled….I need to start showing up!!!!


  2. Loved this 🙂 Such great thoughts. I think one thing I’d like to change about myself is my bad habit of constantly thinking about the NEXT thing..sometimes I think I just need to slow down and enjoy the moment more 🙂


  3. Great post. And great timing. I stood on the scales this morning and discovered I have gained 5kg since Cycling for Hope. Sure, I was always going to gain a bit after I stopped cycling 100km every day but 5kg? Guess who hasn’t been mindful about what he eats?

    In more positive news though, I have also been making some mindful decisions about how I spend my time … I am trying to be less selfish in my going out adventuring every weekend by staying home and going daytripping so that I’m still home at night with my partner.

    So yes, great post


    • Thank you so very much! I have actually lost since my injury, but its muscle mass, I am hoping to be able to get back to serious training sooner than later! Also since I am not burning all the calories I am used to, I have been more mindful of taking less in. 🙂
      Its sometimes difficult to be mindful and show up, happy to hear you are doing both! 🙂


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