End of The Week Happenings


Running and I are currently not on the greatest of terms. Neither are my injury and I. I really thought I would be progressing better than I am. I know part of it is being in a little denial with just how serious my injury was and how much of a setback it would be. But this past week, I worked hard for every step of my mileage. I am on the longest streak of “bad runs” in a row that I can remember. It has me feeling discouraged. Yes. Maybe instead of trying to tackle 5+ miles, I could do 3 or 4 or even 2. Maybe I would get better results? The reality is I don’t want to. I feel like I need to be increasing my mileage. I do not want to “see” how I do with 13.1 miles on race day. You see, my little goal, before my big goal, is to have run 13.1 miles at least once, if not twice, before my race. Only then I will know how it feels and have an idea of what I am setting myself up for. Yes. Maybe that is silly? But for my own self-motivation and perfectionist self, I need to know. 

Heart Rock

A part of me also knows this week will be better for running. Why?  I won’t let the bad runs” win”.I have been challenged to get back out there and f-ing run this past after being nearly in tears from frustration and even a little pain. Again. Again.  Again. And Again. I did it. I showed up for more.  And I will keep showing up for more. Until I win.

Yellow Heart

Remember when I mentioned becoming an ambassador for a company that I have been inspired by? Well, it is official. I am proud to be a GOTRIbal  AmbassadorThe primary mission of  GOTRIbal is to “empower and connect women who aspire to lead active, healthy lifestyles”. Now that is something I am proud to be part of.

I am so grateful to have been chosen an ambassador for a web community that inspires. Encourages. Supports. Empowers. And Connects.  Women endurance athletes to set and reach their goals. And lead healthy active lifestyles. Members include a huge, diverse community of women with every level of athletic experience you can think of. The support I have received thus far has been a-may-zing and I have to say that what I have seen this far, it goes along with my strong belief that you can do anything you to want to do. You just have to show up. And keep showing up. Until you get to, or where you want to be.

GOTRIbal Ambassador

I encourage you to check out the GOTRIbal  site and join. The wealth of information about running, cycling, swimming, walking and more is totally worth it!

 And to all my awesome men readers? Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, I will have something for you in the future.

Yellow Heart

On Friday, what started as having an idea for a Christmas gift for my sister, ended up being completely reorganizing my scrapbook/quilting store supplies. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. Today I am close to being done. Yes. I might have a little problem with accumulating scrapbook/quilting supplies. But I have to be honest. I am grateful. It’s a good problem to have. And I am really excited start a few creative projects.

Green Heart

 I am off to continue research for an assignment and get dinner going. Then it will be time to watch the premier(s) of Revenge  and HomelandAnd I look forward to seeing what you pretty awesome people have been up too. 

What’s for dinner? Do you have any ideas for meals? I need to change things up a bit around here.

Are you looking forward to a new week?

Are you happy with the way your training is going?

Have you found a heart yet?

Until next time always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


24 thoughts on “End of The Week Happenings

  1. Congratulations on your new role as an ambassador for GOTRIbal! I am excited for you, and I know that you have a lot to offer to them. Keep being good to yourself, and you will be better than ever when your body is ready. You can do this!


  2. I’m sorry your runs have been difficult. I know the feeling. Eventually you will have that one good run that will motivate you. My 3 miles yesterday was the best run I’ve had in MONTHS. If anyone can push through, I know you will!!!! Also congratulations on becoming an ambassador. GOTRIbal chose well to choose you!


  3. So that’s the company you’re an ambassador of! Well done. Btw, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do before a half marathon is to fall out of love with running before it. Take it easy, forget about pacing and just go for a long easy slow run. Trust me, the rest will take care of itself.


  4. I’m on board with the over collection of scrapbooking and quilting stuff. I have plastic bins full of fabric that I might use ‘some day’. My stamp collection grows each time I enter a Michaels’ store as well.

    My training? Well I’ve cut back the amount I am training in the hopes of finishing all the 5k races I’ve signed up for this year. I’m concentrating on the fact that I seem to be able to run 80% of a 5k with no pain and hopefully can keep that up. You will get through the bad runs….just think….if you didn’t have them how would you know what an amazing run feels like!!!! One step at a time girl!!!!!


    • Oh my,am grateful I am not the only one! I have so much fabric and stuff I may use “some day”! 😉

      It sounds like you are doing what I should be doing! Thank you for the reminder and yes, one step at a time it will be! 🙂


  5. Congrats little lady on your ambassadorship:)… Remember to be good to your body before that big race. I never have run more than 9ish miles, just prior to the half….you’ll do fine:)


  6. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador!

    ITA about needing to “know” you can do a distance prior to the actual first race. I did the half marathon distance 3 xs before my first half marathon race. But what I did to be safe was run/walk it using Jeff Galloway. My times for those training runs were very slow, but my body knew what 13.1 felt like, so race day was great.

    I plan doing the same when I (hopefully) tackle a full marathon next year.


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