Tootsie Tuesday

More Than A Moment

This was just the other day. It wasn’t a personal record-breaking moment. Nor was it a crossing the finish line. Goal reaching.  Got my medal. Got my T-shirt. Pushing through the pain. Leaving my comfort zone. In the zone. Overwhelmingly grateful I made it moment. No. It was better. It was better because in that moment I completely let go of worrying about half marathon training. My pace time. Having a better pace time. Grad school assignments. Being a Mother. A complicated relationship. Worrying about a loved one. My pup. Waiting on the next steps of a job. I let go of everything. And I felt overwhelmingly grateful to just be in that moment.  The smell in the air just after the first rain was intoxicating. The trees and plants were dancing in the breeze. Happy and refreshed. The hot dry spell was over. They had finally been watered. I was happy too. And I felt refreshed. Despite the petty and painful details sometimes. My life is amazing. It’s mine. I own it. I show up. And I am happy. But I just don’t always stop long enough to really feel it. And that makes me sad. I worked in ICU. I know firsthand what can change in a moment. And old enemy of mine. My own bad habit has shown up again. I am getting caught up in numbers and petty and painful details. How much time I have in a day. My pace time. Time I have left to spend.  Time I have left to finish. Start. And time I need to fit in something else. And the time spent worrying that accompanies the petty and painful details. Yes. That is a part of life. But time and petty and painful details shouldn’t steal away the moments that truly matter. I will no longer allow it. And I encourage you to do the same. If you want to be happy, then be happy right now. In this moment. Don’t allow time and petty and painful details win. You are the boss. Think about all the things that make you feel good about your life right now. In this moment. Be grateful for the opportunities you have, the people who love you. The people you love. Think about your heart beating. The breath you just took. Because the truth is, I am not telling you what you don’t already know. And I am not telling myself something I don’t already know. We both know the truth. All we have. All we can truly count on is this moment. So why not. Why not feel happy?

Have you found a heart yet? I have been thinking about how I can share my idea, so I can share the photos I have already received without sharing the whole idea. If that makes sense. Meanwhile, I am loving what I see in my inbox. Thank you!

Until next time always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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