Normalcy Amongst the Sadness

Hes Back!

It was a challenging weekend. After a “successful” day of digging again, our pup suffered another mini stoke during the night on Saturday. Similar to the last stroke she was not able to walk and was not interested in eating or drinking. There is/was nothing we can do but wait and see if she recovers and keep her comfortable. If she does not recover, the vet recommended we put her down. By noon on Sunday things were not looking good. The thought of putting on a happy face and having people over was almost unbearable. I was ready to cancel the BBQ for Buckaroo’s birthday and prepare for the worst.

 Bright Yellow Heart

But not cancelling the BBQ was the best thing I could have done for myself, my pup and Buckaroo. He is/was having a very hard time. Our pup and Buckaroo have literally grown up together. Having the BBQ allowed us to have and feel some normalcy amongst the sadness. There were lots of laughs shared and so much love surrounding our pup.  And I think we all felt better about things.

White Heart

After another  challenging night, our pup seems to be perking up a little. She is eating and drinking and with help, can almost walk. She is still very wobbly, but even so, it’s a sign she may pull out of this. Only time will tell.  I am exhausted from not being able to get any restful sleep and feel anxious about being home alone with her. My worst fear is being home alone and having her fall asleep and not wake up.

Yellow Heart

After finishing up an assignment that is due this evening, I plan to spend the day resting and hopefully catching up on some much-needed sleep and go for a run later. And I look forward to seeing what you pretty awesome people have been up too.

How was your weekend?

Do you consider your pets  part of your family?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


45 thoughts on “Normalcy Amongst the Sadness

  1. I’m glad you did go through with the BBQ. You need to keep creating happy memories. Yes, these furry critters are family and we love them and mourn their passing like we do family. It does sound like she is pretty close. I hope you are not alone. Put someone close to you on speed dial! Take care. I’ve been thinking of you a lot, trying to send positive thoughts and warm hugs your way.


    • Yeah I think it really helped and her too as she knows something is wrong. She is not in pain, but I did/do give her something mild just in case.She was doing better this morning, now not so much. But its hard to tell last time it was almost a week of this before real improvement(s). I do have my support should it happen when I am alone, my father in law lives two houses away and the Mr can be here in about 20 minutes, also my parents are about 2 miles away. The Mr just called to check on things and said it may be best if we did make the decision and not have her go through any more stuff. I am quite there yet, but in some ways as sad as it is, I can’t help but think he may be right. Thank you so much for the support and positive thoughts!


      • We’ve had to go through that too–make the “decision”. If it is any comfort, I heard a domestic animal expert on the radio the other day, explaining how cats and dogs don’t have a sense of the future like people do. They are just in the here-and-now. They don’t think about whether they might want to live another day. He has had to euthanize some of his pets and he said he’s never wished that he waited longer; rather there were times when he wished he had made the decision sooner because his pet (a cat) wasn’t really having much quality of life. Just keep in mind that whatever you decide to do, you’re doing it for her, because you love her and don’t want her to suffer. Wish I could give you a real hug!


      • Oh my, two days ago I would have said I cannot imagine! That does bring comfort, I don’t know how much longer we should keep her going. The first time it happened we didn’t even consider it, but I just don’t know if she can pull through a second one and not be compromised in some way. And how is that fair? As far as things stand right now she barely can walk, I keep thinking about the quality versus quantity and keep hoping for a sign of change, something that will help make the decision.


      • When I first had to make the decision, quality vs quantity was the first thing my vets brought up. With our last one, Mikey, our cat, was just so tired. He stopped eating and drinking. I could spoon feed him, but he would only lick a bit of the food and then turn away. He was old, blind, and had bouts of irritable bowel syndrome. It seemed like just being awake tired him out. It was really hard because he was my “snuggle bunny,” but once he quit the food, I felt like he was saying he was done, he just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. So we called the vet and she came. The first thing she said was how tired he looked. I still miss him, I still get teary-eyed thinking about him, but by that point, having him euthanized was the only comfort we could give him. It broke our hearts but not letting go would have been cruel. Your pup has had a great life, been dearly loved. Whatever you do, know that you do it with love.


      • Awe my heavens so hard, I am sobbing but it’s okay I need to not try and be strong sometimes. She did eat tonight but it breaks my heart to see her so sad.

        On my run tonight I saw a heart in the sunset from just over a mile from home and at different points until home. Usually the clouds move and the heart disappears, but this one didn’t. I think I do know in my heart, just not ready to say it out loud to the Mr or make the phone call.

        And I completely understand how it feels to miss a furry family member and I am so sorry you had to go through it, I have been there and it truly is similar to losing a person. I know we will get through all this, just not sure how yet. Thank you again for all your support and kindness it means more than you know! ❤


  2. Yes, pets are a large part of our family. I hope your pup is feeling better soon. Our sheltie is currently experiencing a bout of diarrhea, probably from the pork sandwich she stole from the coffee table a few nights back. Oh well!


  3. Oh my goodness. I’m so glad that she is feeling better. I’ve been there. I lost three cocker spaniels in one year and two of them were really old and I feared having to let them go by needle (I never say “put them down”–one puts a baby down, right?) 😉
    I prayed that they would go quietly in their sleep. But none of them ever did. . . only Charlie came closest. He died in my ex’s arms on the way to the vet. 😦 I lost three pups and as my Charlie laid quietly, forever asleep, on the table the vet telling us he was gone, my ex turned to me and said, “I guess there’s no reason for us to stay together anymore.” Within a month he moved out and three months later he asked for a divorce. Lovely. I’m so glad you will not truly be alone.
    Hugs to you. . .


    • Thank you so much she is doing okay, a little “off” but I was kind of expecting some change as I noticed a little last time. So sorry about your pups, how difficult that all must have been, I can’t even imagine! 😦 I too hope when it’s time she will just go to sleep, thinking about having to drive the half hour to the vet then taking her back home with us literally make me nauseous. She’s a tough cookie for sure and I am grateful we have more time with her! 🙂


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