Unleash Your Inner Boss

Unleash Your Inner Boss

If you really think about it nothing worth having comes without hard work, dedication and if you are anything like me, tears and more than the occasional f-bomb. You see, having the results we want is about in essence, creating the results we want. We have to be willing to ask the tough questions and look like a complete fool. We have to be willing to open our hearts, put ourselves out there and speak our truth. We have to be willing to go out there and brave the hills, push through the pain and ignore the excuses we make for ourselves that make it feasible for us to give up. We have to be willing to not allow ourselves to fall victim to the moments when it really f-ing hurts to take another step. When we leave our comfort zone. When we hit a wall. And when we have a series of “bad runs”. Those are the moments that can be miserable. Whoever said sweating was sexy anyways?! Okay maybe me at some point, but that was after one hellva run, a hot shower and a glass of wine. The point is, in the moments when we want to give up; it’s our choice to decide. But to really get what we want. What is worth having. We have to be willing to get it done, without being told what to do. Like bosses. Without letting our worst enemy, with his or her ever so appealing excuses, convince us that giving up, is worth more than what we want.

Double the Love

Not giving up means telling ourselves the truth. And we can make the truth as complicated as we want. We have to own the truth like a boss. We have to fall in love with the truth like a boss. That doesn’t mean we like everything about ourselves. No, it means we are honest with ourselves. It means we are honest about our weaknesses. And honest with ourselves why we eat the way we do. Or eat the way we shouldn’t. Why we allow negativity to cloud our thoughts and make us sad. Or rely on a number on a scale to define our worth. Why we allow someone else to treat us poorly. And we can make the truth as complicated as we want. We can argue with it. I can argue with you about it. You can argue with me about it. We can argue with ourselves about it. But here’s the thing. Arguing with the truth, won’t change the truth. It won’t change my truth. Nor will it change your truth.

Pink Heart

Because our truth is our reality. And reality will be reality. The sky will still be blue. And the color red will still be the color red. Don’t you see? We can’t go about making big. Significant. Momentous. Changes in our lives if we don’t tell ourselves the truth. Are you with me? Not giving up, is knowing that what we want for ourselves and why, is worth so much more. It’s time to start telling ourselves the truth. Every day. All day if we have to. So we can unleash our inner bosses and get to wherever it is we want to go. See, feel and get to things we dream of. Our goals. Our authentic selves. Our life with true happiness. Our love for ourselves. Like bosses.

Red Heart

Have you ever given up on something? Have you ever given up on yourself?

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Have you found a heart yet? I just received a few more in the past couple days, I am seriously just plain giddy about it.

I have been catching up on my reading here on WordPress and if I haven’t gotten to your blog yet, I will soon!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


26 thoughts on “Unleash Your Inner Boss

  1. This is one of my favorite posts of yours yet, and you most certainly are the BOSS! It is so hard for me to sometimes see the truth about myself and about others when I am so wedded to an image, either past or projected, but when I let of the lies disguised as the truth, that’s when progress, healing, learning, etc. occur. Being the BOSS can be hard work, but it is work worth doing.


    • Awe thank you fellow boss! 🙂 I agree that being the boss is hard work and sometimes painful work, but the reward is so valuable to our own happiness which for me almost creates a challenge. This week especially I have been working really hard on not allowing myself/mind to get worked up about studying, what needs to be done, I can’t do it, yadayada and just continue to remind myself “I’ve got this. Which in turn allows me to be more kind/easy to myself. I also have noticed being more mindful of how I think, allows me to stop the negativity train right in its tracks. 🙂


  2. Great thoughts. Several of my friends are at the tail end of marathon training, which also coincides with the tail end of another very hot Texas summer, and I thought of them when I read your post. They will be fine, and get through their running slumps, but your words will help them.


  3. Inspiring post. Thank you. I feel all pepped up to go and grab life now. On the subject of hearts, the kid and I looked on our walk but every potential leaf/stone/petal/anything I pointed out was slated by the kid as not even remotely looking like a heart. Next day though….she cut a heart out of a piece of bread, cracked an egg in the middle and fried it. So you nearly had a heart shaped fried egg/toast but I was so overwhelmed by how cute it was that I ate it before remembering to take a photo!


  4. I love this post! You have such a great perspective on life and taking control of our destiny. Sometimes you have to force yourself to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes you can go out and climb mountains with a single leap. We are our own worst enemy sometimes. It seems if we can get our own minds to “think like a boss” everything can open up for us. Thank you for the post!!!


  5. Beautifully put! Lat year I really struggled with my running….I talked myself into walking constantly, which wasn’t me! However, I quickly found something to take its place until I could get over my slump. I havent given up, and I’m much Better mentally this year!!


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