Tootsie Tuesday

Buckaroos Birthday

This was from this morning. It is Buckaroo’s 15th birthday today.  I am throwing a dinner party for him with part of the family this evening and then we are having a huge BBQ on Sunday.My baby is a year away from driving. Is hard to believe and I might me in a little denial about the driving part. Its difficult enough having Princess out there driving on a daily basis, but Buckaroo too?! Yikes.

This morning after I dropped Buckaroo off at school I started thinking about how I had always thought I would have more children after I had him. In part, it’s been the wedge between the Mr and I. He didn’t want any more children and I did. Remember when I said it was complicated? It still is. But this morning I really came to terms with my idea of how I thought things would be and what they actually are.  Buckaroo is 15 years old now and at this point I don’t see myself having anymore children. That is huge and almost scary to say. I have struggled a long time to be okay with not having anymore children. And it feels good to finally be in a place where I am  really okay with it.

I am doing well. I took a rest day part of yesterday after working in the yard all morning. After the long week/weekend I had it felt good to just relax, take a nap and catch up on my DVR.

In other news I recently became an ambassador for sure one possibly, two companies! I am excited to tell you about the first one soon. I thoroughly love their mission statement and I am proud to be part of something unique and inspiring. And not feel like I have to compromise or change what I do here. As for the second company I haven’t gotten a clear answer yet on compromising or changing what I do here, so we shall see on that one.

Well,  I am off to continue preparing/cleaning for this evening. I hope each and every one of you pretty awesome people are doing a-may-zing! I will be slowly catching up in my reading here. I have yet to figure out a system that works for me and keeps me up to date. Any ideas? Especially when some people manage to post 3, 4 posts a day?

And WordPress people? I feel like you are getting so close to the app for iPhone working great, but we are not there yet. Keep working on it okay?! Remember, think Instragram or Twitter.

How is your week going so far?

What’s for dinner?

How do you stay up to date on reading blogs?

Have you found a heart yet? I have been thrilled to see them in my inbox!

Until next time always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


20 thoughts on “Tootsie Tuesday

  1. Sorry about the 2-3 posts! 😉

    I just check them a few times a day – in the morning while I’m having my mandatory two cups of joe, at lunch and then after dinner before the Tigers play. On my iPhone. It doesn’t pick them all out of the blogosphere but I call it good.


  2. Yikes – 15….I’m trying to wrap my brain around my big man turning 13 in ten days. Ouch. It is very hard to reach that point of not only knowing but accepting we are done having children. Sigh….

    I haven’t worked out a good system for staying caught up on blog reading. Lemme know if you find one. 😉


    • Awe they grow up so fast! My sister’s birthday is the 20th! We have a birthday every week in September. 🙂

      It was tough to get to this place, my mother had my youngest sister at 42, I just don’t see the same for me, especially in the next 2 years. 🙂

      And I will! I tried Bloglovin but the app was worse than WordPress, I am still working on an effective way. 🙂


  3. I check some in the morning and some in the evening….I can’t make it to all of them…but a good number anyway. Somedays, you just have to sip, when you’re beat to bloody nubs and can’t bear to move a finger 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday, Buckaroo! Mine are 18 and almost 16. So, I too have been dealing with the fear of kids who drive for a couple of years. It’s definitely had some ups and downs. A totaled car, two speeding tickets, and now my youngest is a couple of months from driving as well. Sheesh. I check my reader every morning and evening to keep up on reading other bloggers’ posts. I really want to break that habit. Haven’t got there quite yet.


    • Thank you! He had a great birthday and is excited about more celebrating this weekend. 🙂
      The whole children driving can be so stressful! Princess has had one totaled car, it was another woman w/out insurance fault, she still deals with some residual stuff from the impact.

      I really need to figure out a system, or let go of trying to stay up to date! 🙂


  5. Yikes I’ve missed about 10 days of blog posts! I’ve got some catching up to do! The hubs and I decided 10 years ago to have only one child (he was 3 at the time) & I’ve only recently accepted that we too are done…even tho we made the decision together. 😦 It’s a part of growing up (not old), I guess, lol. Happy late birthday to Buckaroo!


    • Oh wow, yeah I think I have missed about a week or so, its going to take some time to catch up.
      Yeah its an interesting decision to accept, but I am grateful to have finally come to place, I have struggled with it for so long!
      And thank you! He had a great birthday! 🙂


  6. I have no solution to keeping up with blog posts. I’m always behind. Very frustrating. Like you, I wanted a third child and my husband was dead set against it. It was tough. Years later, when I had a hysterectomy, even though I knew I was too old to have more kids anyway, it was still tough. The finality of knowing “this is it, no more kids ever” made me so sad. I definitely mourned.


    • Yeah I can imagine it would be, having the surgery really gives it finality I am sure. I am not quite ready for the surgery, but I am grateful to be in a place where I see my future and I do not see myself having another child. Also I am in a different place in my life and a little one would be so far apart from my current two! 🙂


  7. BTW – I nominated you for a Liebster award. Well-deserved. 😉
    Here are your 10 questions:
    1. What is your best holiday memory?
    2. Do you like to collect a particular something?
    3. What frightens you?
    4. Which bug do you like best?
    5. Who is the person who makes you laugh?
    6. Where do you go when you need to get away from it all?
    7. What is your guilty pleasure?
    8. Where would your dream holiday be?
    9. What is the one talent you wish you had?
    10. If you could meet three famous people, living or dead, who would you choose?


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