Wednesday Things

My Gym

Thanks to the holiday I thought it was Monday all day yesterday. I missed an appointment and I missed my “Toostie Tuesday” post, among other things. Today I still feel a bit off. And I am grateful it will be a short week.

Crushed Accorn Heart

I have talked about my chocolate lab before. She was a digger and chewer as a pup. She will be 14 years old in December. In the past year she has really aged. She had a mini-stroke earlier this year which aged her even more. She recovered from the mini stroke for the most part, but can no longer go running with me and a quick walk around the block is just too hard on her. The vet said there is nothing we can really do for her except make sure she is comfortable, eating, drinking etc. So that’s what we have been doing. Some days she seems to be doing well, other’s I hold my breath until I see she is breathing and/or moving. I know it’s just a matter of time. And it’s very difficult to think about. Especially since the last couple days she seems it have gotten all her puppy love of digging and chewing back!


Don’t let all the grey hair fool you, she can dig and chew again with the best of them! And yes that is a treat, not for digging or chewing; it was for getting a bath. Nonetheless I have spent a great amount of time the last couple of days cleaning up her digging and chewing adventures in the yard! What is so sad about the whole thing is it reminds me of when I have experienced death in a number of people close to me, they got a last burst of energy and clarity not long before they passed away. I can only assume dogs are the same way?

Dried Leaf Heart (2)

I have also talked about I will Be Happy When”, I person very close to me is there now. And they are in deep.They are completely consumed by their I will Be Happy When. I can’t make this person see anything different. Or anything else. And it breaks my heart. Although it has been going on quite some time, after the latest blow, I am not sure how much lower this person can go. The weight of worry I am carrying is heavy.

Dried Leaf Heart

We had a nice quiet BBQ on Monday. Lots of yummy food and laughs. So far this week studying has continued to be time-consuming, but doable. Running has gone well. Buckaroo and Princess are both doing very well. Keeping up with social media has not gone so well. I am trying to choose a half marathon. And I am still waiting to hear about jobs. I also learned I am being re-evaluated for the job I really, really want. I missed yoga this morning but I am looking forward to a run this evening. I am slowly finding my footing with this back to school thing.
But you know what? I really wouldn’t know what to do with myself if my life wasn’t so busy.

Hearts On A String

Break time is over.

How is your week going?

Did the holiday throw off your week?

Have you ever been to I will Be Happy When?

Have you found a heart yet? I am looking to put together as many as I possibly can!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!

Yellow Heart


43 thoughts on “Wednesday Things

  1. Seems like we’re both trying to catch up 😉 Thanks for the reminder that this is a short week, although I was working on my blog all day Monday! I hear what you’re saying about your pup. You’re never really prepared for the inevitable. I don’t know about dogs, but for my cats, the first sign that they were on the way out was they stopped eating and drinking. I could spoon feed them, but they wouldn’t eat on their own. Given their ages and the fact that all of them had some degree of kidney disease, we didn’t employ heroics to keep them alive. We’ve had to put down four in the last seven years, and we’ve learned from each one that it’s never easy. I believe you will know when it is time. But sounds like to me, if she’s digging and chewing, she’s a happy dog right now and is not ready to go 🙂


    • And just when I think I am close, something else comes up, so I have let go of ever believing I will ever be caught up! 😉

      Awe, sorry about your cats, it is so difficult having animals sometimes they really are a part of the family! And nowadays with my children being older, I spend the most time with my furry family!

      I have only had a cat and a pony die of old age and I was young so I don’t remember what they acted like other than slowing down. My pup already has been going through periods of not eating/drinking since her mini-stroke then she seems to snap out of it and everything is better again! We have geared up a couple times for “okay this is it” since given her age we won’t do any invasive measures either. Except for a mild pain reliever and probably too many treats that’s all we do for her. The digging and chewing has really thrown me off though and boy is she happy with her work, its hard to get annoyed with her, but not about the messes sheesh! Its difficult, I worry it will happen when I am home alone. 😦


  2. Great post. A lot of wonderful information! Where to start…?
    First, I know what you mean about how people (and dogs?) get a “second wind” right before they pass. Not to say anything about your puppy, but I have experienced that a lot. I hope your lab lives on for a long time. My lab is 11 and not doing too well, but is still hanging on.
    Your post on “I’ll be happy when” is very insightful. That is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time.
    I’m glad Labor Day went well. I had to work so that I could have off today. Not fun Monday, but I had a great time today!!! Keep running. I’m glad you are back in the saddle. 🙂


  3. I am so with you! I am terribly behind on all my blog reading and my own writing. Argh. I would like to find a way to spend less time on the computer, but it’s such a huge part of our lives now. Sheesh!


  4. 1. Week is going great. Thanks for asking.
    2. Not that much, but it does feel like Tuesday, even though it’s Wednesday. And I can’t believe Friday is only one work day away.
    3. Most definitely yes. My dad used to tell me to stop wishing my life away. I think it’s comparable to “I’ll be Happy when …” Unfortunately, I haven’t changed much.
    4. Yes. I sent pictures to you. 😉


      • As long as it doesn’t consume you then I think it’s “just visiting”. Which in many ways challenges us to be better versions of ourselves, not settle, dream big and go for the a-may-zing! 🙂


      • Well, yes, there’s that. I excuse much of my weakness as an effort to never stop being better Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who is happy with “as is.”


      • I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but you are so right! Definitely a weakness of mine then. And as long as there is no tunnel vision involved I think it’s also a strength in many ways as well then! 🙂


      • Maybe I should have been clearer. It’s a strength to keep looking for improvement that leads to the weakness of being unsatisfied. As much as I’d like to be one of those people who is happy “as is” I can’t imagine how that could be good in the long run.


      • Right! I am not sure either, but then again I do know people who are super happy with it! I also know that it’s just not for me. I’m a few weeks into grad school and already see a PhD in my future and haven’t run my first half but see running a full next year! I thrive on goals and challenging myself to be better. 🙂


  5. Your lab is adorable. What a sweet face!

    My sister is one of those who “will be happy when” and I find it difficult to be around. I tend to seek solutions and try to enjoy the journey. She gets stuck in the misery of now and thinks that outside solutions, other people and better luck will make it all perfect for her. I personally don’t understand it and I can understand how that makes you worry for your friend.


  6. My german shepherd puppy (she will be one next week, I can’t believe it) Scarlett was laying her head in my lap while I read this and the part about your dog literally brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine Scar not being there every day when I wake up and get home from work. I’ll be thinking of you!! Make sure you live up the last bit of time you guys have together!!


    • Thank you so much! She just started showing her age about a year ago, prior to that even the vet couldn’t believe how good of shape she was in for her age. Today she seems back to “normal”, she hasn’t dug any holes or chewed anything and is comfortable resting, eating etc. The burst of energy the past few day really threw me off. Hopefully it was just that, a burst of energy and she continues to be her “normal” self for a while! 🙂


  7. Ok, not sure if this comment went through twice. I could just cry thinking about your sweet old pup! I can’t imagine our lab getting that old 😦 Sending happy and comforting thoughts your way!


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