Tootsie Tueday

Never Give Up

This was from my run last night. Saturday’s evenings 5.5 mile run/walk was well, a little disappointing. I argued with my worst enemy nearly the entire time. I had forgotten. Yes I forgot my half marathon was on Sunday and what do I do? I go running right where part of the course is. Let’s just say, seeing the preparation for the race was not a confidence booster. Nonetheless I wiped a few tears away and went back to arguing. My worst enemy was insisting it was too hot outside. I was too tired. I was too sore. Let’s take a shortcut. You name it; my worst enemy had a tempting excuse and rationale to stop and go home. Which I did, but only after I was done. I didn’t take a shortcut. And I certainly didn’t take any of the bull**** to heart. Because guess what? It is all bull****. My worst enemy is my worst enemy for a reason. And I am certainly not going to listen to her and stop when I know a zillion reasons why I should keep going.

Last night I went out again. I expected things to go better since usually my bad runs are few and far between. But things didn’t go better. No. My worst enemy showed up again. Of course we started arguing right away. And then I got angry. Are you f-ing kidding me? I needed to get in the zone. I mean completely in the zone and run. The zone is my escape. My sanity. My solace. And more. I wanted more. But with every last bit of my boss self I worked hard and I argued with my worst enemy for another 5.5 miles.

 I saw the heart above when I was nearly done. For me it represents not giving up. 11 miles worth of not giving up and winning the argument against my worst enemy. Because you see, my worst enemy is my worst enemy for a reason. I know better than to listen to her bull****. Most of the time. And I am certainly not going to stop when I know a zillion reasons why I should keep going.

I am heading out again for a run in a few. Yes. A run. I feel like I can say that now that I am doing more running than walking these days. I am hoping it will go better than the last two. But if it go better? No matter. I will go right back out there and try again tomorrow.

Then it will be time for dinner. Homemade enchiladas, Princess is coming over to eat with us. Then, its back to studying and seeing what you pretty awesome people have been up too.

Have you ever gotten angry with your worst enemy?

What’s for dinner?

Have you found a heart yet? I love seeing them in my inbox and I cannot wait to share!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


32 thoughts on “Tootsie Tueday

  1. You and I seem to have the same “worst enemy”, and like you, I most certainly have gotten angry with the enemy within me. I am proud of you for providing a winning argument and putting your worst enemy squarely in her place, because that is exactly what a real BOSS would do. You are a winner with a lot of heart!


  2. Are you kidding me? When I was running and even now with the walking … the drive home … I’m too tired to run, a couple of beers sounds so much better. And it’s hot and it’s and it’s and it’s. You name it, it’s been on the list. More often than not with running, though, I beat the worst enemy. With bicycling it is much harder which is why I have recommited to running. So far, I’ve kept up the walking to.
    As for dinner tonight … homemade thai basil chicken in lettuce wraps.


  3. Awesome work dominating your worst enemy hun!

    I fight mine everytime I run – go home, you can just walk this bit, it’s too hard, I can;t breathe! I’ve heard it all but It won’t beat me!

    Keep going



  4. I am in a slump….and I am arguing with my worst enemy everyday for the past little while….and she is winning. I don’t like that she is winning…but she is. I need to slap her and take the fight back!!!! So happy to hear that you are doing more running than walking…it must feel great to be back at it!!!


  5. Ha. My worse enemy has a male voice. 🙂 He’s been a but too vocal lately!!! Congratulations on overcoming and getting through some difficult runs. Im so excited that you are back to running again. 🙂


    • I am thinking so! I don’t normally have two in row. Yeah it was rough, I chose that 1/2 since part of the course is familiar to me and I can’t believe I forgot about it.
      I am looking at a half for November in San Francisco, but haven’t decided yet, it involves big hills and I haven’t done in hill training since prior to the injury. 🙂


  6. Hey 🙂 proud of you for pushing through. I may be behind, but did you pick a race to do yet? Also, if you want to laugh you should google “The Wonderful and Terrible Reasons I Run Long Distances.” It was created by a fellow runner and it is really entertaining. Good luck mam 🙂 and have a good day.


  7. I get angry with my own self frequently when running! However, today I went and should have listened to her… I feel like I about died in this Midwest humidity!!! Maybe I should start hydrating with wate instead of wine? :)… Stay strong!!!


  8. Yeah.. those inner demons can be tough. You sounds as if you have what it takes to persevere. I always feel weaker, sicker, less confident, etc right before a scheduled race that I really care about. It usually turns out well in the end. Don’t let your mind fool your body. Enjoyed reading your thoughts.


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