Off And Running

One Step At a Time. I've got This.

When I set a goal I don’t give up. Give in. I test the waters. I map out a plan. I get comfortable with the goal that I have set out to do. And I remain focused on that goal until I get there. I don’t back out of. Turn around. Failure is not an option. And I do what it takes to reach that goal. I know goals are not easy to reach. But I know I can do it. I show up. Again. And again. Even when I would rather not. I know I have what it takes. Most of the time. You see I tend to set big goals for myself. Not unrealistic goals. No. Just not run-of-the-mill goals that I will reach next week. Or the week after. No. Most of the goals I set are life changing. They are journeys.  And they are opportunities for me to learn more about myself and proving to myself I am capable of anything I decide I want to do.

Green Heart

My mindset was no different when I decided to apply for graduate school. Now less than a month later, my journey to my goal. My graduation. Has already begun. Orientation is over. And if I really allow myself to think about it. I start freaking the F out. I know I have what it takes. But with this goal, there was no testing the waters. No mapping out a plan. No getting comfortable. No warming up I am off and running. My first assignment is due Tuesday. My course syllabus is full of assignments that are due in the coming weeks. My degree plan shows nearly two years of coming week’s assignments.  Meanwhile my life. The life where I wear any one my vast collection of hats at any given moment. Goes on. And adding another hat to my collection, well, that made my goal feel nearly impossible to reach.

Spotted Heart

So I am not allowing myself to think about all the challenges that are between me and my goal. My graduation. And all the hats I will need to wear at any given moment. No. I decided what is between me and graduating are a series of run-of-the-mill goals that I will reach next week. And the week after.  Each assignment will mean one less challenge.  And one less challenge will mean one assignment closer to my goal. My graduation.  It will not be easy. I may lose my way at times. I will have moments when I don’t believe in myself.  I know this. But I also know my journey to my goal has already begun. There is no backing out of or turning back now. Giving up. Or giving in. No. As a runner who knows what it’s like to not be able to run. A runner who put one foot in front of the other like a boss until I could run again. I do know, no matter how defeated. Discouraged. Or impossible my goal feels. I do know  I’ve got this.

Heart Rock

In other news Buckaroo’s first week of school went well. A potential crisis  with Princess was diverted. Homemade pesto from the garden was made and frozen for the winter. Yoga. Working out. And running. All felt amazing. It feels good to be sore again. I am slowly catching up with each and every one of you pretty awesome people. I am thoroughly grateful and  super excited to see hearts in my inbox.

And  Penny in my aviary has decided laying eggs in the food dish is  far better than a nice, cozy, private nesting box especially made for her.


The photo doesn’t nearly show how difficult it looks to sit in the food dish or how uncomfortable she must be. I have given up on trying to change her mind. But I suppose that is point right?! Penny  laying eggs in the nice, cozy, private nesting box would be easy. And that’s the thing. The best goals. The best outcomes. Are the goals. And the outcomes  that I felt the were the most difficult and uncomfortable nearly every step of the way.

So tell me, does your goal feel difficult and uncomfortable sometimes?

Have you found a heart yet? If you have not, I trust that you will and I look forward to seeing what you find. 

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


32 thoughts on “Off And Running

  1. Good luck! I’m putting finishing touches on my syllabus (one of them is 10 pages–I want the students to know everything about the semester before we start. Good students need to map and plan, so reading this encourages me to make sure it’s perfect!).
    I just finished my 10k today. First time I ever ran more than 4.8! Goals are awesome! Keep up the awesome work!


      • I’m afraid it does overwhelm them, but I always tell them about how if I knew what a PhD would have taken to complete, I would never have done it! 🙂 It’s true. Then I tell them that once I plotted everything out on a calendar, I realized I could handle it!

        Sometimes going in blind is good, too.


      • That is so true! Even with what I am facing now, I still see a PhD in my future one day! I am just taking things as they come or rather trying my best to not allow myself to get overwhelmed. Either way it will be a wonderful journey I will be proud of. 🙂


  2. I know you can do it…and I know the end goal might not be visible right now…but like you said, assignment by assignment, week by week, and before you know it, you’ll be graduating. And from experience, I know there will be meltdowns, but I know you have a plan to deal with those too…cause you’ll tackle this experience like the boss that you are!!!!!


  3. Continue on. I went to law school because I tried grad school first and it looked way to hard. I was working full time and had no idea how I could possibly get all of the reading and assignments done each week. I saw a two year path that seemed filled with impassable barricades. So I quit and went to law school instead. It was easier. You have a great approach to achieving this goal. It’s a lot like running a half marathon. One step at a time and you’ve completed a mile, then you’re at three, and at six, ten, and then you’ve finished. Every week is one of those steps. Good luck!


    • Thank you so much! That is interesting, to me law school feels like it would more difficult! I am in for a treat I am sure of it, but I agree one step at a time and I will get there! My countdown has already started 🙂


      • You go to grad school and get the thing done and I’ll be running half marathons again. I have a target. The Urban Cow in Sacramento — October 2014. I’ve run it twice and that one will top both of my prior efforts.


      • October is perfect weather. And that half is a fun one. Lots of bands along the route. Great volunteers. Very flat course.


      • I’ve got comfortable enough walking that I may do it walking if I have to. It’s like I said about running a half marathon is one step at a time and soon you’re at three, six and then then you’re done. I’ve now walked four miles — and I hate walking. I’ve thought of signing up for some 5Ks or 10Ks and walk them. We’ll see. But, one way or another, I’m doing the Urban Cow in 2014.


      • You are so right! Doing the 5K and 10K’s are fun I did lots of them when I came back from my heart stuff. It took forever to build up my endurance again, but like you said, one foot in front of the other and it happened. 🙂 And that is so awesome, I have no doubt you will run it! 🙂


      • Yeah I had a virus attack my heart went from serious running to barely being able to walk up a flight of stairs. Took eight months and a surgery later to diagnose then many many setbacks until May of 2013 I started training again. I started seeing hearts, they became my guide if you will and here I am! 🙂 I’d have to look back in a post but I think I’ve talked about it at some point.


      • Yeah it was, at one point I was waiting to find out if I would be on the transplant list. And the hearts are dear to me, they have been a sense of comfort and faith that everything will be okay! 🙂


  4. As a runner, you know the trick when things ger hard. You just take a step at a time and set yourself little mileposts after mileposts. What you don’t do is stop but, then again, you don’t sound like someone who needs reminding on that. Good luck.


  5. You have got this!!! I have a comment you wrote on my blog that I put on my monitor at work where you said I’d “rock the Lehigh Valley Marathon”. It has been a great help. So here you go…
    You will rock grad school!!! Congrats.


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