Do You Have a Heart?


I am super excited! I have been formulating an idea of sorts ever since Tom over at 278 To Boston emailed me a photo his daughter took with a heart in it. The idea further snowballed when The Hungry Nurse mentioned seeing a heart on her run the other day and thinking of me. So what is the idea?! Well it’s something I can’t share just yet. And when I am able to share it depends on all of you pretty awesome people and how may photos you all send me. But I see the idea as inspiring. Motivating. Heartwarming. Connecting. Learning about ourselves. Learning about each other. Authenticity. Sameness. And so, so much more. But in order to bring this idea to life, I need you all to do a little something for me.

Red Leaf Heart

I am asking you to please email me your photo (or photos) of a heart that you saw or do see out on your run, walk, outside, inside or wherever! (

Can you do it? Are you in? Are you ready to jump on board? Are you as excited as I am to see my idea come to life? Are you ready to be part of something I see as inspiring? If so then here is what you need to do.

Candy Wrapper Heart

Email your photo of a heart you have already taken, or will take, along with a quick sentence granting my permission to post and/or share your photo with others. Or if the photo is taken by someone else (a friend or family member) I need their permission to post and/or share their photo with others.

Please include where you live and where the photo was taken.

If there is a story, a memory or thoughts behind your photo when it was taken please tell me about them! Basically I want to know everything you want to share with me about the photo. And again, I need your permission to post and/or share your story, memory, or thoughts with others.

Please no x-rated photos. Think PG or G ratings.
Please no random photo off the Internet. It must be yours or someone you know. Remember the permission thing? I feel weird adding both of those things, but it’s public around here and well, you never know.

Dried Leaf Heart

And that is all I need you to do. Totally doable, right?! If you don’t have a photo of a heart, start looking they are everywhere. And if you would like to remain anonymous, a photo, where you live, where the photo was taken and your permission is okay, I totally understand. And free to spread the word! I am really looking forward to seeing your photos in my inbox cannot wait until I am able to share my idea with each and every one of you pretty awesome people! It may take a while to gather enough photos, but then again maybe not!? Lets make this idea happen. Together. And Tom if you wouldn’t mind re-sending the photo with permission to post and/or share the photo with others that would be awesomeness!
I am off to enjoy my last day of summer.

What are you doing today?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


57 thoughts on “Do You Have a Heart?

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