Weekend Running. Mother and Son Time. And Relaxing Fun.

She IS Back

I may not be able to run my half marathon in six days. I may not be able go to my favorite running spot with hills and an a-may-zing view from the top. No. But guess what? I am okay with that. Why? The holding back. Taking things slow. Resting. Taking it easy. Listening to my body. Going on walk/runs. Painfully slow progress. Finally paid off. I went for a run Friday evening and for the first time since my injury, I f-ing ran like a boss. It still was a walk/run. Yes. However, it was 5.5 miles of more running than walking! I was in the zone. I was sweating. I saw hearts everywhere. And for the first time since my injury I felt real progress in putting the injury behind me. And there was no holding back from bursting into overwhelmingly, completely overjoyed, grateful tears. And the best part is, I went out and did it again Sunday.

Rock Heart

It was a busy, relaxing, fun weekend. On Saturday Buckaroo and I made three dozen cupcakes for a Mary Kay debut party Princess was having. She had a wonderful turnout and is thrilled to be making a little extra money aside from her job at the pharmacy. Although I do not use Mary Kay I did find a wonderful hand cream(s) and a lip plumping/smoothing gloss. I am so happy for her. So if you happen to use Mary Kay or would like to know more about the products, email me and I will hook you up. And here is a secret. I used the hand cream(s) on my feet and they feel like I just go back from a pedicure.

And it was also nice to spend time with Buckaroo; he is such a teenage boy. I am no longer “cool” and finding a way to do something with him can be difficult sometimes. We both were covered with various parts of the cupcake making/decorating process by the end and we had a great time. And I have said it before and I will say it again. And again. The kitchen is a wonderful place to connect and reconnect with my children. In my home sitting down to eat dinner together is mandatory. And even with Princess living on her own now, she still comes to have dinner with us at least twice a week.

Red Around Heart

On Sunday my friend came over and we spent the majority of the day sitting in the back yard and catching up. It was so nice to see her and she is doing exceptionally well dealing with the recent loss of her father. We decided to run the The Giant Race Half Marathon together in August 2014 in San Francisco. Just one of many races I plan on running in 2014!

And after a much-needed, relaxing day, of course I got another 5.5 mile a-may-zing run in before dark.

Heart Rock

Today was spent shopping with Buckaroo. He goes back to school on Wednesday. I am not really looking forward to it. I enjoy having him home and summer went by way too fast. Nonetheless, I start school the 27th, so things will get back to our busy routine.

Orange Heart

Well I am off and running. Literally. When I get back it will be time to prepare dinner. Tacos again, per Buckaroo’s request. Then I am off to go the gym for an upper body work-out. Followed by planning my menu and grocery shopping for this week and watching the season finale of True Blood on DVR. Tomorrow will be my last “lazy” I don’t have to go anywhere morning at home and I plan on spending my time catching up with you pretty awesome people.

How was your weekend?

Does your family sit down at the table and eat dinner together?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


18 thoughts on “Weekend Running. Mother and Son Time. And Relaxing Fun.

  1. Sounds like an incredible weekend. Dinners at the table were mandatory for years, but as the kids have got older and activities more intrusive, they only happen a couple times a week now. One of my disappointments at the consequences of kids getting older.
    By the way, in my re-dedicated efforts, Today, I went for a 40-45 minute walk for the fifth day in a row. Three days of PT exercises in a row, and I’m hoping for an hour bike ride tomorrow.
    You’ll never know how much that post inspired me.


    • Yeah it does get a little more difficult as mine have gotten older too, but I continue to try and have dinner together as much as we can. 🙂
      Yay on getting out there! Every step is bringing you closer to running again! 🙂


  2. Awesome job on the running….I totally understand the feeling of being back on course!!! I hate to admit that I eat most meals sitting at the coffee table in the living room. 😦


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