Tootsie Tuesday

Letting Go

This was from just the other day when I made my decision to not run my half marathon. If only simply taking a deep breath and letting it go could actually be that easy! For me its been a series of deep breaths. It seems “letting go” has been my personal challenge the past few days. Letting go of running my half marathon. Letting go of the idea that having a bout with flu, means life with a teenager, a flourishing garden/yard and a zoo animals will stop. Because life doesn’t stop for me. Even when I have a bout with the flu. And letting go of trying to have everything about graduate school figured out, before I even start. Yes. At times, I can be that much of a perfectionist.

So I will continue to keep my eye on the intended goal for every aspect of my life. A great mother. An authentic woman. A good student. A runner. A go-getter. A perfectionist. And more. Yes. But I will not allow getting to whatever that intended goal is, to consume me. And by consume me, I mean forgetting to give myself a f-ing break. Stop being so hard on myself. And stop allowing self-doubt dictate how well I am handling whatever challenge or intended goal I am working towards. Because don’t you see? Most of the time, if I can remember to face challenges one at a time and not allow myself to get overwhelmed by all my intended goals at the same time, I do know, I am the Boss and I’ve got this.

Do you ever forget to give yourself a break?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


32 thoughts on “Tootsie Tuesday

  1. A break? What’s that? 2 days off for the flu (maybe 3 if it’s REALLY bad). For a cold, 1 day off, 2 at the most. I’ve always ridden or run through being sick. I feel better faster. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom but it is, nonetheless how I roll. I do take it a little slower and won’t over-extend or over-exert myself so skipping a half is probably a good idea.


    • Right?! The only time I actually stay in bed is when migraine hits, but I am a dreamer at heart 😉 How you roll is pure awesomeness!I do okay getting out there when I have a cold or even a fever sometimes, but with a general feeling of weakness, not so much! 🙂


      • There’s no doubt it’s tough to do and I hate it right up until I’m done… Usually a few miles out I’m still kicking myself for going out in the first place, but I always feel better after. Good luck, colds are a real bummer.


  2. It takes just as much strength to admit when it’s time to throw in the towel, as it does to start the process. Everything will work out for the better and the next race you do, will feel right. Feel better!


  3. It is sooo hard to give ourselves a break sometimes! Hubby has to remind me that it’s OK to have a bad run…it’s OK to not perform at the level I think I should be. And it’s OK to take a break! You’re doing awesome! So many things to be proud of….and it doesn’t matter if you run that half or not….you’re still a BOSS!


  4. I think, as women, we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves!! You are going to rock graduate school and I bet apply a lot of your running philosophy to completing that goal for yourself. Baby steps and we’ll both get to our goals….even with the little speed bumps along the way! Rock it girl!!!!


    • Oh wow, awesome point! I definitely feel like there are lots of little things that must be taken care etc. that in my experience if I don’t do them, they do not get done. Factor in all the rest of things and yikes! 😉

      And thank you so much for the encouragement, it means and helps things so much! You are so right, one step at a time and we will work through setbacks and challenges like Bosses! 🙂


  5. It’s the journey that matters, not the race. Put your body first and it will last longer and serve you well. Not everyone recovers at the same rate, perfectionist or not.
    You are the only one that can hear your body talk. Listen. Heal. Come back when you are ready–but DO come back, and with a vengence!


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