“The Washing Machine Man”

Every once in a while when I am out doing errands, I see an old red truck driven by an elderly man, with a washing machine in the back. And I smile and send a text to my younger brother and sister. And every once in a while I receive a text from my younger brother or sister saying they saw the old red truck driven by an elderly man with the washing machine in the back. And I smile.

You see, the old red truck is driven by none other than the elderly man who we know as “The Washing Machine Man”. 30+ years ago he would come fix my parents washer or dryer when the overflowing amount of laundry from us kids broke them. The last time I saw him driving with a washing machine in the back of his truck was about six months ago. This morning I received a text from my younger brother. “The Washing Machine Man” was selling apples and pears on the side of the road, across from my parents. I smiled and then  I decided to go buy some apples. 


And I introduced myself to the  “Washing Machine Man

The Washing Machine Man

And “The Washing Machine Manremembered me. The crazy thing is?  He looks and sounds exactly like I remember him 30+ years ago! And drives the same red truck! How is that even possible?!  If anything he made me feel my age. And today he told me is too old to fix washing machines anymore. I thought he was a little “old” 30+ years ago. So guess what?! I certainly think he knows a little something about the fountain of youth.  It was a genuinely awesome experience indeed.  And the price of the apples were just as “old-fashioned” as he is!

Do you know anyone from your childhood the looks the same as you remember them?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


18 thoughts on ““The Washing Machine Man”

  1. Love this story and am so glad that you shared it! It is funny the connections we have with seemingly ordinary people, and having been born and raised in Louisville, I still see former teachers, parents of friends, service people, etc., and like you, I am surprised how they are exactly as I remember them, only older. Sweet memories!


  2. Great, great story. I don’t have anybody specific, but there are people out there who you meet at a certain point in your life and then you see them years later and they’ve never aged. They’re a marvel and I love that he has found a way to keep busy even if he can no longer fix washing machines.


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