Tootsie Tuesday

New PR

This was after my last run on the treadmill. A rarity.   This was a PR breaking day. I had shaved three minutes off my pace time. I usually avoid the treadmill at the gym on purpose, except to see what my pace time is without any distractions. I love running outside, but there is no telling if, or when I will see a heart and come to a screeching halt to snap a photo. But the thing is? Even knowing my pace time would be three minutes faster (or more since) if I didn’t  stop for a few seconds doesn’t matter.  The point is, I am not giving up on myself. I am not giving up following my heart. I am not giving up on running to my dreams. And if that means I  a slower pace time. I am okay with that. I have a good idea of what my pace time is even when I stop here and there to snap a photo. And I continue to get new PR’s. Like a boss. 

Don’t you see? Pace times and PR’s are important. Yes. So are finishing races. Losing a pound. Or losing five pounds.  Or more. Getting the medals. T-shirts. And standing ovations.  But you know what I think? I think that thoroughly believing in yourself and the core reason why you run is what matters the most. Why you run is the fuel that you use to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To get those PR’s and better pace times.  Why you run is what silences that voice in your head that’s telling you to give up. So you finish the race. Lose that pound, or maybe five. Or more. Get the medals. The t-shirts and standing ovations. So tell me, why do you run?

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “Tootsie Tuesday

  1. Very well said! I run as I race my late father’s ghost to a marathon. He ran many marathons starting after age 50, so I thought I should do the same. Losing 100 lbs is also a nice benefit. 🙂


      • Oh no! I hope you feel better!
        It is not looking good for me as of yet, possibly this evening. Its been a busy morning, I found one of the birds in my aviary dead, not sure why! So I spent the morning totally cleaning it….and two birds got out and flew away! So sad I have had them such a long time! Now its back to hopefully finishing my app. 🙂


      • Yeah, its a bummer! Two were part of a pair so their mates are going nuts! And thank you! I will be grateful to have it done, admissions has been putting the pressure on me, so things feel like they are moving a little too fast for me! 😉 Which is good I guess? I just didn’t expect to decide than wham hurry and get my app done. 🙂


  2. (With a sheepish grin) Well, I don’t run. I’ve never been good at it. But I’ve been practicing yoga for several years and I go to a studio where I feel truly challenged to do my best, whatever my best is. What I’ve noticed over the years is that I’ll have good days and bad days, and even my instructors point out that while we might get progressively better, we may still always have a day when we don’t do as well as we’d like. So I’m just focused on how the practice makes me feel overall. All the stretching, the balancing, the sweating, the flow; but also the laughter as some of us try crow pose and fall over, the laughter when our instructor confuses our left foot with our right foot and almost sends us into impossible balances, the relaxation pose at the end when it all comes together in feelings of gratitude. And I leave my practice a happier person, more confident in myself. That’s why I practice yoga (run).
    Namaste 🙂


    • Ohh, I love doing yoga. I have noticed it helps my running significantly and has helped me let go of pain, anger etc. that I didn’t even know I was holding on to. Additionally I have had some ah-ha moments of clarity about a decision or change I needed to make.
      I completely understand what yoga(run) does for you! It’s a wonderful practice indeed. Namaste. 🙂


      • There are quite a few runners who go to my classes and some of the instructors are runners as well. There’s always an acknowledgement of the issues that runners deal with they practice yoga (like tight hamstrings). The clarity helps a lot too. I practice at the end of my work day and it really helps with that transition from work demands to home demands 😉


  3. I also run because I LOVE it, I love being outdoors and seeing / hearing all the things I get to see and hear on my runs; kids playing, dogs barking, the wind blowing in the woods or the waves crashing in the ocean. I love that despite all that going on around me, I can still if I want to, block it all out and it will just be me and my thoughts. Running makes everything better. Having a bad day, go for a run!! Had a good day, go for a run!! 🙂


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