Progress. Decompressing. And a Decision.

Keep Calm


I am still making progress with running. Painfully slow progress, but progress. I am no where close to completely back.  I am really trying not to think about my half marathon that is less than a month away. But at this point it is difficult not on. I am seriously beginning to wonder if  I will even be able to run it. The good news is there are other races  in the Fall I can still register for, but the what-if of how long it’s going to take me to get  back to running is throwing me for a loop. I have various conversations with myself during my  runs walk/runs which undoubtedly involve me feeling discouraged. Nonetheless, I am  not giving up. I will walk/run until I am back to running!


Rock Heart

The service was beautiful.  It was an anxious and emotionally taxing day, but I am so grateful I could be there. I found the heart in the above photo outside of the church when the service was over. It was an emotional and heartwarming moment.

Golden Gate Bridge

I was also relieved it was over and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge meant I was  getting close to home. I couldn’t wait to get  home and go to bed.


Yesterday I spent the day decompressing, tending to things around the house, watering and finishing a stepping stone project I started a while back.

Stepping Stones

This morning I decided I am going to apply to graduate school. It feels great to make finally make a decision, but the program starts in three weeks so I am in for a busy few days finalizing my application.

Heart Rock

I am off to work on my application and I plan to get an a-may-zing run walk/run in this evening.

I hope each and every one of you pretty awesome people are doing well! And I noticed there was an update for the WordPress  iPhone app. Maybe the WordPress people finally listened to me?! The update did help making things a little less frustrating.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


19 thoughts on “Progress. Decompressing. And a Decision.

  1. You are doing amazing on your comeback. Remember the long term goal of getting back in a healthy manner, with no injuries. And just think…you are run/walking…it could be far worse and you could only be walking or running much less than you want. Keep your positive attitude and it will come and feel fantastic when you take that eventual full run….it will happen!!!! Love your stepping stone project…how did you cut up the long piece???


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am definitely trying to embrace walk/running because it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t run at all. Its tough, but progress is progress and I am grateful for that. 🙂

      And thank you! The Mr used a tile saw to cut up the long pieces and I used a sander to sand down any rough edges that were really noticeable. 🙂


  2. Thank goodness!!! I feared your decision was that you were going to stop running. Sorry. I should have known better. :). At this point I wouldn’t worry about the HM. It can be a lot of pressure, especially with all you have / are going through.

    I’m glad to hear the trip went “well”. Funerals are never good, but at least you are glad you went.

    Congrats on the grad school decision. That is awesome!!! You will do great I’m sure!!!


    • Oh heavens no, never! But if I ever do, please come find me and knock some sense into me! 😉
      I am trying not to worry. I am going to decide whether I think I can soon, and if not, see if I can be reimbursed etc. There are others that I looked at, just they aren’t in familiar territory and I like the idea it was a Boston qualifier. But what will be, will be, I just need to continue to remind myself to focus on the positive(s). 🙂

      And thank you! I am working on the app now, it’s a little nerve wracking with the full-time jobs I am still waiting to hear about. But I figure its a good chance to take and the worst case scenario is I am working and going to school, which I have managed before. And I have a friend that I just graduated with doing the graduate program also, so that helped me make the final decision. I feel like its great opportunity to support each other through another degree! 🙂 Now to get the app finalized and wait to see if I am accepted 🙂


      • 2nd attempt at this reply. First was deleted after I was 90% done and you replied to a post of mine and my WordPress app deleted my comment. I guess it isn’t all fixed yet. 🙂

        Anyway, I hope your app will be accepted. My goodness, running, family, jobs and school. That is a lot on your plate. The positive(s) are important to focus on!!!

        Good luck. God bless!


      • Oh heavens, that has happened to me to! Not quite all fixed, but hopefully on its way! 😉

        Thank you so very much! I do have lots going on now that I see it written out? But even if I was hired tomorrow, backgrounds etc could take about 6 months, so I figure I had better not pass up the opportunity to continue with school. And I am excited to possibly be going through a program with a friend, we work well together and it does ease the overall workload. 🙂


      • Alright. Another instance of having a post 90% done and then erased!!! This is insane. Fix your app #wordpress!!

        It was an inspired post and now I don’t know where I was going with it.

        I think this is it for the night. 🙂

        Have a good one. Keep running!!! 🙂


      • It was a great conference and a fun long weekend with my friend, and I am slow in getting back into the swing of things, personally and professionally. That said, I am getting it done like a boss:) So proud of you for applying to graduate school and for continuing to ease back into running. You’ve got this, and I am right here every step of the way!


  3. So exciting about your decision to apply to grad school! The WordPress ap for my iPad is horrible as well. It is almost impossible to edit any post I write without having to hit the Update button a million times or it freezes. So frustrating!


    • Yes its very exciting! It’s all happening a little fast though. I’ve been working on my essay/app for admission all day. I hope to have it finalized tomorrow. 🙂

      Oh heavens the app is terrible! I stopped using it because I was getting so frustrated! I noticed the latest update did help a little with crashing issues, but not so much with being able to read, post or comment without it freezing up or have my comments disappear. *sigh* Hopefully the Worpress people listen one of these days! 🙂


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