A Heartfelt Thank You. An Almost Run. And a Change of Plans.

Running Away!

First things first. I want to say very a special thank you to Tom over at 278 to Boston for recommending my blog on I Heart Running  for one of THE 100 BEST RUNNING BOGS OF 2013. I had no idea! I am thoroughly grateful and honored. Again, a  heartfelt thank you for thinking of me and I look forward to continuing to share our running journey(s)!

Heart Rock (2)

Soo….did I have an a-may-zing run yesterday? No. It was just okay. I am really trying to embrace ‘taking things slow” with running. I know I will continue to heal and I do see a little progress every day. But I would be lying if I said it was easy to feel so held back!

I know it is  just going to take time and if I have learned anything from this injury, not listening to my body was not a good thing. So I get out there and I walk/run. When I am walking I am able to appreciate the little things I may have missed if I was running. And when I run, I am able to run just long enough to satisfy my craving and clear my head. Overall I am okay and grateful for that. For now. Okay I am trying to be, but the goal oriented, boss side of myself doesn’t want to. 

Heart Rock

Another thing I learned about this injury is it didn’t  take long  for my muscles to build up toxins from medications and not being  my usual active self.  My chiropractor confirmed that me being nauseous and feeling  “toxic” in the day(s) following my first run(s) back was  attributed to just that! I won’t deny there is a place for taking anti-inflammatories etc. to help ease the pain and reduce the swelling, but it’s also another  great reminder to be mindful of what I am putting in my body. So I learned it was possible to drink far more water than I thought was possible in the course of a day.

Heart in the Ashes

My chiropractor seems confident  that I should be well enough to run my half-marathon, but I am not feeling his confidence. It’s just a little over a month away! I know I have lost some of my endurance. And at the rate I am going, what does he expect, I will walk/run the race? Better yet, is that even possible? 

Candy Wrapper Heart

After getting a heads up my friends fathers funeral would be this Saturday, I spent all morning shopping and trying to find something to wear to the service. I had no luck and I was getting super stressed about having to go out-of-town and not have something to wear. But all my stressing was for nothing. Right before I entered panic mode, I learned the funeral won’t be until next weekend. I wont deny I am  relieved. Thankfully my friend and her family seem to be holding up okay. I can only imagine what they must be going through. I wish there was more I could do, but right now they have a lot of support around them and I will be able to help her more when she comes back to town. And  I decided when things have settled down a little that I want to make a quilt for them out of her father’s clothes. I made one for another friend after both her parents passed away and I felt like it did help her in feeling more close to them. After-all, handmade quilts are very comforting anyways right?!

Paint Splatter Heart

Now that I am not heading out-of-town, I am feeling a little scattered. I didn’t get any grocery shopping done, give my pups a bath or any of the other weekly “to-do’s”. So now  I have some catching up to do before the weekend. You see I don’t shop or deep clean on weekends. The stores are extra busy and shopping at the end of the week saves me a great amount of time and frustration. Except days like today when I can’t  find what I am looking for. And having the house extra clean, gives me more time on the weekend to have fun or just relax. So I am off to tackle what I can on my list, get a run walk/run in after it cools down and I will finish the rest of what I need to do tomorrow.

So until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


23 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You. An Almost Run. And a Change of Plans.

  1. You are so welcome!!! You deserve it. Funny, I sent that in like a month ago. You really write so well.

    So you aren’t heading out until next week? Good luck with your walk/run. I have gotten on Ibuprofen for aches. I hear (and have written) that it isn’t good to be on. But ultimately I do what I have to do to finish the race (I do drink a lot of water).

    Anyway. Have a great weekend and keep writing! 🙂


  2. I know exactly what you mean about the effects of medicines and toxins on our bodies when we try to run (or even just walk). This whole chemo thing has had a HUGE effect on my trying to stay fit and keep moving. It’s not so easy!


  3. Thanks for the follow on my blog! It’s wonderful to “meet” you!

    I know the frustration of coming back after an injury. Your mind says ‘let’s go!’ and your body halts the process. But it sounds like you’re taking things slow under the care of your doctor. Best of luck during your upcoming half. Also, I love the idea of making a quilt with your friend’s father’s clothing. I am a quiltmaker too. No better gift than a quilt!


      • I’ve made about a dozen quilts. The first was a queen-size scrap quilt made of 5-inch star blocks. I’ve done pieced quilts, appliqued quilts, quilts embellished with beading — pretty much tried it all. How about you?


  4. I’ve right there with you! After my injury (3 months ago! Geez!), I was hopped up on muscle relaxers to get through it. And am SO happy to no longer need those things– they felt horrible, and my body felt horrible!
    Check out swimming! I just got into it. I was scared (my injury is abdominal), but you can make it as hard or as long as you want. And it’s a lot easier to jump out of a pool when you feel pain than to have to stop running, turn around, and walk home. That hurts the ego too…
    Best of luck coming back! Sounds like you’re doing great so far… 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts! And yes! The medications are so harsh on the body, I am grateful to be almost done with them. I was actually going to try swimming, I was on the swim team etc. when I was younger, but haven’t done “real swimming” in years! And so far running has been not so great with the impact. Such an insightful point, running right now does get really discouraging and hurts the ego!


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