She’s, Well, Almost Back


It felt a-my-zing to get “back” to running on Saturday morning. 7.5 miles of walking/running a-may-zing. I didn’t mean to go that far the first time back, but I decided to see where another trail lead to and ended up a bit out-of-the-way. Nonetheless it was a perfect morning. And I didn’t feel like I had overdid things.

Heart Weed

I spent the rest of the day helping Princess with a couple of things at her house and then weeding and cleaning up my yard. But by early evening, I was painfully reminded I am not completely back to normal and I still need to take things slow. I was exhausted and sore. But that’s okay, taking things slow or not, I can run and that is what matters. So for now, no worrying about half-marathon training or pace times. I am not there yet. But almost. And I hopefully will be soon.

Heart Rock

I woke up Sunday feeling what I can only describe as toxic and nauseous. So I took yesterday off, from everything. And rested. It was nice to take a break from being so connected to everything and just relax.

Leaf Heart

Most of today was spent running errands and taking Buckaroo to turn in his last bit of work for summer school. He goes back to school in five weeks. My heavens, does it feel like summer is going by fast!

Heart Rock (2)

I am still feeling rather blah. And I have no energy. So I am already in my pajamas, we are having an early dinner and then I am going to get cozy and hopefully fall asleep. Overall a rather uneventful weekend. But that’s a good thing. I hope each and every one of you pretty awesome people had a great weekend and Monday was very kind to you. Oh and WordPress people? Your iPhone app needs a serious overhaul.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “She’s, Well, Almost Back

    • Yes 🙂 But its weird though, I still feel toxic/nauseous like after a great massage and didn’t drink enough water. I am thinking just released a ton of toxins from muscles/injury/medications on Saturday since it doesn’t seem like not a flu or anything.


  1. Yay for you. I am just getting back, too, after my bike wreck and a separated shoulder. Okay, I am still recovering (not released to to bike outside or swim), but it is a start.

    Good luck!


  2. Wow, 7.5 miles is a lot. No wonder you are sore. I sometimes have a hard time doing that with not taking that much time off. Congrats on your comeback. As you told me, be easy on yourself! 🙂


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