I Can Run. But I Didn’t. And it Was Worth it.

Rose Petal Heart

Today was the day. I’ve been anticipating it. Looking forward to it. Missing it. Needing it. Craving it. And the day I get the go ahead to see how I feel running, and I don’t go for a run?!

No I haven’t lost my mind. And yes I am feeling okay. It’s seems my afternoon and evening just got away from me. But in a good way. No. Wait. In a heart overflowing with gratitude more than a great way. It all started as Princess wanting to go to the thrift store and ended with a delicious dinner at my parents house. A rare treat, I don’t remember the last time is was just the four of us! Princess also took home the wheat grass my mother grew for her. She’s 21 years and asks gramma a couple of weeks ago to grow her wheat-grass for juicing!? Totally my daughter.

By the time I got home is was dark. But no matter. The time spent with my Princess and my parents was worth far, far more. And my heavens did things look and feel so very different a week ago.

But you see, we all have challenges we face in our daily lives. Some last longer. Maybe weeks. Months. Or even years. The important thing is showing up. And doing what we have to do for ourselves and the ones we love, to get through whatever challenge we are facing. No matter how small or big. We must work through and past our pain. Fight for good health. And face those challenges together. I am okay. And I know Princess is okay. One day, soon I hope we will reflect back on this challenge and see the wisdom and strength this experience has given us. And for those of you pretty awesome people that shared kindness, love and support, from the depths of my heart, I thank you.

My test for the county on Wednesday went well, I think. Now just more waiting for the results. And I am still waiting to hear about the other job. That’s the one I really, really want. I am realizing trying to get a job with the county is all about waiting.!

In case you noticed, I did change my blog name, it felt more, well, summed up and fitting. And I registered the domain this morning. It kind of feels like my 50th post. I am not sure why it means so much, but it just does.

The weather has been high 80’s during the day and 40’s at night. Thank heavens no more 100+ temps in the forecast. The heat was really getting to my 14-year-old pup” Kokanee last week. And the weather is perfect for running in the morning or evening. I am so excited to see how it feels, but I also will be a little cautious. No pushing the limits just yet.

Now its time to get cozy and watch Rookie Blue on DVR. So until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


27 thoughts on “I Can Run. But I Didn’t. And it Was Worth it.

  1. You always will have roads and trails to run, but you may not always have those moments with Princess and your parents. So, you chose wisely, my friend! I love the new title of your blog, and I also love the lessons that these past few weeks have taught, and continue to teach, you. I appreciate your candor and will continue to follow and support you on your run toward your dreams. Keep going forward . . .


  2. I’m so glad you had that time with your parents and Princess. It sounds like you needed that more than you needed running … food for the heart 🙂 I like the change in your blog name. It is very fitting. Good luck with the jobs! I hope the one you really, really want becomes yours ❤


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