“Tootsie Tuesday”


This was two days ago. You see I don’t like to see or think of myself as mediocre. Ordinary. Run-of-the-Mill. Regular. Or average. No. I like to think of myself as unstoppable. Strong. Hardcore. Determined. Relentless. A boss. A superhero that doesn’t hang up my cape until the challenge has been faced. The problem has been solved. Or the race has been won. It’s that mindset that has allowed me to recognize my authenticity. It’s that mindset that doesn’t allow me to think I am better than anyone else. It’s that mindset that also allows me to think that no one is better than me.

But two days ago, went I left the house for a walk, I encountered a “creeper” on my creek route. He rode by me slowly on his bike four times before I realized the potential danger. And when I did, I didn’t feel strong. Hardcore. Relentless. Or remotely close to a boss. No. I felt weak. Fragile. Average. Ordinary. Unsafe. And afraid. If he rode by me a fifth time what would I do? I hadn’t encountered a creeper on a bike. I couldn’t outrun the situation which is my usual strategy. I could overtake him with defensive tactics I learned in law enforcement training. But then what would I do with him? Hold him there until someone came by? I was in a fairly remote spot. So I checked into Facebook with my location. I never go on Facebook anymore so I knew there would be certain people who would notice. And I tried to walk a little faster. And I had no idea what to do. Until he came by a fifth time. And I ask him to stop. He did. And I confronted him. I didn’t realize until that moment how angry I was. And I was angry at him for making me feel unsafe. And how dare he make any woman feel unsafe. The stress of the past three days overwhelmed me. And I came uncorked.

I am certain I caught him off guard. I am certain I scared him. But he didn’t deny any of my accusations. Nor do I think he knew what to say. He just rode away on his bike. And fast.

After he was gone I was a little shook up. I so angry I wanted to cry. But I didn’t. I do not get angry very often. And I was sick of crying. Truthfully I felt better than I had in days. I made the call and I reported him. At the end of the trail I stopped and took my photo. In that moment I knew that I am a superhero. A boss. Whether I am feeling that way or not. I have the mindset. And I have what it takes to show up for whatever challenges in life that I am faced with. And yes, the next time a “creeper” makes me feel unsafe, I will have pepper spray too.

When I got home Princess came over for dinner. And that night I slept like a rock. Which is a good thing, apparently I needed to recharge for yesterday.

Tomorrow I have my test for the county. Wish me luck! And until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


20 thoughts on ““Tootsie Tuesday”

  1. You confronted the creeper. That takes a lot. Those feelings of fear aren’t weakness, it’s your body telling you to choose “fight or flight.”


  2. Good for you! You handled the situation beautifully. You should feel really proud. Remember: it’s okay to get nervous. That’s what gives you the boost to fly–or fight if it is necessary. Handled very well!


  3. Good for you. Glad you came out on top. I had a similar thing but it was a guy in a truck, he only drove by three times. Then when I came around a bend he was parked 50 yards ahead. I turned around and ran home. I now carry my pink pepper spray. I see the truck around sometimes and now wonder if he just lives around here or is a real estate person or maybe watches some of the cabins in the area. No matter as it made me think. Thanks and get your pepper spray.


  4. Wow, you are amazing. I bought pepper spray years ago but rarely used it. Then women were getting attacked at the lake where I run and bought a new bottle, thinking maybe the pepper expires. Sure enough, my kids tried the old spray in the backyard and nothing came out! It’s maybe a good idea to get new pepper spray every year or so. Like bear spray, they do expire and lose potency. And glad you’re safe, by the way. And that you called it in.


    • Yeah it was a little unnerving for sure! I hate the idea of having to carry it, but there have been various instances I have heard about and then my own experience. Its a shame though, I grew up here and we never had to worry about such things! Better safe than sorry though! 🙂


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