The Most Creative Blogger Award. Oh My!


I am thoroughly grateful and honored to have been nominated by Coach for the “The Most Creative Blogger Award” If you have not visited Good Time Stories yet, check it out! His posts always promise to evoke heartwarming emotion(s), laughter, smiles and inspiration! Thank you so very much Coach, keep doing what you do best! And thank you for continuing to brighten my day(s).

The condition of the Award:

The only condition to fulfill in accepting this award is to provide their own perspective on: their creativity and their source(s) of inspiration. Nominate and notify 10 other bloggers for this award.

Firstly, I never dreamed that starting this blog a short time ago it would transform into connecting with so many pretty awesome people. And I thank each and every one of you pretty awesome people for the opportunity to share parts of the journey of our lives together.

My creativity for this blog lies in seeing hearts in nature when I began training (again) about a year ago after a bout with a heart virus. The hearts in nature became my inspiration to keep going. When I reached my comfort zone. They would and have shown up at just the right time to remind me I was okay. I am okay. And that my heart was going to be okay. I talked a little about it in this post. Since, seeing hearts in nature has continued to provide me with unique experiences and moments that remind me to follow my heart. To listen to my heart. And to be true to myself. To think like a boss. To have faith there is a plan for me. And to have faith I am on the right path. I thoroughly believe the hearts in nature I see, have provided me with a deeper connection with my authentic self, and will continue to show me the way to all the things I see in my dreams.

WordPress is oozing with creativity. That’s why being limited to 10 nominations, when I follow so many more pretty awesome creative people feels and is extremely difficult! Oy. Here we go……

Olive to Run

Harsh Reality

Blessed With Thunder Thighs

The Happsters

That’s Another Story

Travels With Mary

The Girl With The Red Hair

Running Sunflower

The Scarred Runner

The Better Man Project

Thank you again Coach I deeply appreciate you thinking of me.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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