Listen Up. And Listen Good.

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Resting yesterday was so difficult, but I made it through the day. How? I had no choice, my back kept getting worse and worse. I did a little research online and based on my symptoms it was related to the sciatica. My mom dealt with her sciatica a few years ago and she recommended a couple of yoga stretches that would help, which I did. They didn’t help. They made it worse. Trying to sleep last night was next to impossible as I couldn’t find a position that was comfortable or eased the pain. By this morning it was close to unbearable, but I got up and made coffee and started a load of laundry. As the morning progressed so did the pain. It wasn’t until I couldn’t walk and the Mr. happened to call, that I finally gave in and called our family chiropractor.

Thankfully our chiropractor was able to get me in within the hour. The Mr. left work to take me, and he basically had to carry me into the office for my appointment. After an initial intake was done, an x-ray was taken. Turns out I have a jammed disk in my lower back. And he did a mild adjustment. It didn’t feel mild in any sense of the word.


I am not clear on what a jammed disk is, but I can honestly say it is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. I am afraid to google it as most of us know in doing do, we are surely close to death. I am not sure how I managed to google it yesterday and actually find any useful information. Anyways. He ordered rest and alternating an anti-inflammatory and a pain medication throughout today and tonight.  I go back first thing in the morning to discuss the x-ray and most likely get another adjustment. I also want to know about the recovery time.

I am beyond angry with myself for being so stubborn? Stupid? In denial? An idiot? Yes I took a rest day. Yes it all seemed to have progressed rather quickly. But I also f-ing waited until I couldn’t walk and the Mr.  threatening to call an ambulance before I took any initiative? My only excuse is when you are in that much pain you can’t think or make any decisions.  But that doesn’t by any means justify having fair warning things were going downhill and fast. Argh. I worked in healthcare and I should know better.


I really hope I have learned my lesson. I do not want to ever take for granted even the slightest twinge of pain in my back or anywhere else in my body for that matter. I know that it could be worse. But as of right now I don’t know my prognosis, only that the chiropractor said I would get better. Thank heavens.

The Mr. went back to work and Buckaroo is here to help me when I need it. Have I mentioned I make a horrible patient? I don’t like to be waited on, or asked if I need anything, or not be able to do things on my own. Better said, I hate it. If I feel okay, sure, I don’t mind being spoiled. The pain medication has eased the pain. But it also makes me loopy. So now I am hoping to be able to take a much-needed very long nap.

One last thing.

Listen up.

Take it from me.If you take nothing else from this post, remember this. Listen to your body and listen good. If something hurts, your body is trying to tell you something. Or possibly warn you of something more serious. Slow down. Rest. Have it checked out.  But do whatever it takes to prevent worsening the symptoms or potential for further injury.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss.


32 thoughts on “Listen Up. And Listen Good.

  1. Awwww, You poor thing. I am sorry you had such a bad day and you are in so much pain. Do your very best to be patient and let things heal. You will get better. Someone as strong as you will overcome this.



  2. Ouch, ouch, and ouch!!! I had a brief bout of sciatica with my first pregnancy, so, I can only imagine what you are going through and so glad that you sought treatment. I find it interesting that your sciatica forced you to rest, while I woke up ill today that forced me to take a sick day. Like you, I am not always a good patient, especially when I play the “If only”, “What if”, and “Why me” cards, and I want instant relief and an immediate recovery. You can’t keep a good woman down, so, let’s use this time to regroup and recover, and we’ll be back, better than ever. Keep listening to your body, and honor it and the lessons this experience is offering. Healing thoughts being shared with you!


    • Oh no, I am sorry you are not feeling well! 😦
      I am not certain it is sciatica as he kept referring to a “jammed disk”, is it basically the same thing? I am nervous to google it. And I was in so much pain I just did what he told me to and didn’t ask any questions. My heavens, I have been regretting the Mr not staying in the room with me ever since.
      I too want instant relief and find it nearly impossible to not do anything when there is any sign I am on the mend.
      It is interesting that we both are having downtime. I honestly am blown away by the similarities between you and I that continue to reveal themselves!
      Healing thoughts are also being shared with you! And you are are so right, this experience has/is been overflowing with lessons, I am thankful I have done the work on myself to know that I can learn from it, grow and be open to whatever is in store for me next. ❤


  3. You are SO right! Every dang time I have ignored what my body was screaming at me, I have paid – big time! We DO know our bodies best. And, we DO need to listen to what they are yelling at us. Of course, we’d never let our loved ones NOT take care of something wrong. And, yet, we put ourselves on the back burner all too often. I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself!!! 🙂


  4. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There are times the body needs a kick in the butt. You just pushed it one too many times and it just said “f$&k this, I’m not playing any more”. Take care.


  5. Hi there. I’m sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been going through, unfortunately I know the feeling. I have some insight that might be useful, or at least make you feel a little bit better about your situation! A year and a half ago, I went through a similar scenario, except my pain lasted for 6 months before I took initiative. I ended up having slipped discs in my lumbar (lower spine) on my L4 L5 and L5, S1 (a grade 4. . . which is 75% or more of disc slippage). In my case, and in most cases, a chiropractor was not be able to cure a slipped disc… ( not sure about jammed) but the only sure way for my case was surgery, which I ended up having to endure. I do know that sciatica and a “jammed” disc are not the same things. Sciatica can be cured through rehab and stretching, however when dealing with discs in the spine, that’s not always the case. Rehab and physical therapy might very well be the right method for your particular issue, but my advice is to stop being active, rest, and see a spine specialist to figure out the underlying problem. In some cases sciatica is a symptom of a more serious injury, as was the case with me. This is not something to mess around with, as I learned the hard way. Being so physically active myself, it was very hard for me to slow down and do the right thing. I completely understand your stubbornness (taking a break sucks!). It was worth it though. I am completely pain free, and back to running daily (well, almost). I am glad to hear you are taking care of yourself now, and I wish you all the best in a healthy recovery.


    • Wow, I am grateful you have recovered! Thank you for all the info, it is very helpful! The chiro said this morning if he isn’t able to resolve it I am looking at surgery. I am doing my best to stay positive and focus on the fact I am able to walk a little better today. Time will tell, meanwhile I am resting since I literally can’t do anything else. Again thank you for your thoughts, I deeply appreciate them! ❤


  6. Please go see a specialist. Chiropractors are great but you need to see someone who knows these things. I am like you but older. Invincible, things happen to others, not me. And when they do I can just work through it. Funny how we wait until we have really injured ourselves to listen to our bodies. My back is almost back to normal but I think I will wait until Monday to start my strength training again and if it doesn’t feel right, I will back off. We don’t want to be in our 60’s in a wheelchair because we were stupid, when we can be active til our 90’s. You gave me a wake up call. I can’t act like a 25 yr old when my body is 58.


    • Yeah I am definitely going to look into it tomorrow, I haven’t had any relief and between the pain and exhaustion I am wearing ever so thin.

      Its so true, I can honestly say I am learning the hard way this time! Take it easy with your strength training and I am wishing you continued healing! ❤


  7. I have just had chance to catch up with your posts from the past few days, I am really sorry to hear about your back, pain is so distracting and draining, I really hope you make a quick recovery xx
    Well done on the award nominations, very well deserved. You inspire me to look for hearts in nature when I’m out and about.


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