Tootsie Tuesday


My last night of class prior to graduating from University of San Francisco last December! I had a very small cohort, only 13 of us made it to the end. I became very close with each and every one of them. But I was closest to the  two others in the photo. And after sharing a year and a half of the ups and downs of a bachelor program it’s no wonder!  That night there was silly string, caramel apples, chocolate, silliness, tears,  and bittersweet memories shared all while our professor was trying to get one last bit of our undivided attention. Finally she gave up and joined in the fun. After all what was the point anyways? We couldn’t but help tease her. I mean c’mon, we were finally done. Although that night and grad night, being done didn’t feel real. It wasn’t until I received my diploma in the mail nearly two months later that I could feel proud that I f-ing did it! 

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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